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Just having a Twitter account or Facebook page isn’t enough. Part of social media is just that: being social. You need to interact with fans and followers on a daily basis in order to create a solid foundation and with all that you do in a day, maintaining your accounts can be daunting. Stellar Media Marketing can maintain all your social media accounts for you to ensure that no one in your social media network feels neglected. We’ll work with you to determine what is an acceptable amount of interaction on a per day or per week basis and which social media sites are the most important to focus on. You may chose to use each social media outlet in a different way to reach a different outlet after seeing how your customers interact with each site. We’ll monitor all of the interaction and report back to you so you know how to best utilize all of your accounts.

We also offer an array of social media management options for those companies and individuals who can’t find the time to stay up with all their social media efforts but still want to be active.

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Facebook Messenger chatbots are all the rage right now but where do you start and who can help you take your idea and make it a reality? I offer all kinds of chatbot services to help you get what you need.

I also offer personalized and customized packages to meet your needs. 

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Sometimes all your business needs is a guided brainstorming session every once in a while. If you feel like your marketing is stuck in a rut, Kelly Mirabella can sit down with you and help you come up with innovative solutions to your social media marketing. Kelly has experience with such a wide variety of marketing media that she can likely let you know if one outlet will work better than others. Kelly can also springboard off your existing ideas and make them out of this world.

Kelly also offers personalized one-on-one training to help you better master your social media goals.

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