Chatbots do not have to be complicated and learning about them does not have to be boring. 

With 12 years experience in helping professionals learn how to use social media, I have a unique way of taking the complicated and making it simple. But it is not just a matter of teaching complicated concepts.

It has to be fun too!

I take the yawn out of the crowd. No need for an afternoon caffeine kick! With me on the stage, your audience will be engaged, entertained AND take away knowledge they can use! 

“…probably the best chatbot presentation I ever saw.”

Larry Kim

Chief Executive Officer , MobileMonkey

ChAtbots Absolutely CAn help your business grow

Did you know that Blockbuster passed on buying Netflix for $50 million because they didn’t understand their business model?! It was “too different”. I guess they were satisfied with the what they were already doing because “it had always worked for them”. These days you don’t see a whole lot of Blockbuster stores anymore and Netflix has 50 million+ customers and is worth an estimated $25.5 BILLION.

Doing things the way you always have because it has worked up until now just makes you the Blockbuster of the business world. Eventually, my friend, you will go out of business.

We can say the same about Facebook Messenger Chatbots. A lot of businesses are giving chatbots a hard pass because they are too different from the way they have always marketed. Others are testing them out for a short while, only to toss their hands in the air out of frustration when the chatbots do not seem to work as expected or when they just can’t figure out where to apply them to their business.

But here is the thing, chatbots absolutely CAN help your business grow and they DON’T have to be hard to build nor do they have to annoy your audience.

Kelly is blazing the way for chatbots! She has a fountain of knowledge and what she doesn’t know about them isn’t worth knowing. She’s on the leading edge of chatbots. Plus, her unique and enthusiastic delivery makes Kelly a pleasure to listen to both in YouTube and on stage. Kelly rocks!!

Andrew & Pete

Andrew & Pete - Atomic

With Facebook page reach at an all-time low, and businesses like yours trying to figure out the best way to get their content, services, and products in front of people, you are not alone in wondering if Chatbots are for you! They are!

I have yet to find a business that could not benefit from at least one little chatbot automation.

The People Have Spoken

I have been invited to speak on the following stages:

“Kelly Mirabella is what I would call a “chatbot-babe.” She is an early adopter who has immersed herself into the world of high tech digital marketing. You can clearly see her passion for it. I’ve learned helpful tips and tactics on how to use chatbots thanks to Kelly. She rocks!”

Madalyn Sklar

Social Media Strategis, #TwitterSmarter

“Can I just say that Kelly is STELLAR!!!!! Wow – her reply time, commitment, and knowledge are just out of this world! Thank you, Kelly, for being a resource I can trust and a person of integrity! 

Bella Vasta

Pet Biz Consultant, Speaker, Author, Blogger, Podcast Host,

“Kelly is a tremendous teacher and I feel fortunate to have met her at Social Media Marketing World. She has a heart of gold and truly wants to help her clients and those that want to get better at the social media craft. Highly recommend her to anyone who wants to be their best or wants their business to shine.”

Jim Fuhs

President, Fuhsion Marketing

“Kelly is the QUEEN of chatbots! She has made chatbot tutorials not only informational but fun and engaging. You can only watch so many boring videos before you want to bang your head on a desk. She has saved my poor forehead from any further injury. She is my go-to resource anytime I have chatbot questions or I need to learn something new!”

Julie Riley

Depict Media

“Kelly is the MASTER of chatbot building! This woman knows so much about how to do this type of marketing successfully, and there’s certainly no denying her passion.”

Jen Cole

Depict Media

“When it comes to chatbots usually people know they need or could be using them but don’t know where to start or HOW for that matter. What I love about Kelly’s approach and to chatbots and digital in general is that she takes the complex and makes it accessible/ understandable. Not only is she a phenomenal teacher but she is an implementation rockstar. She provides support and direction in a non-fluff – let’s get it done – approach. The only question you should ask yourself about working with Kelly is -“should I hire her to teach me or do it for me”

Jessika Phillips

President, NOW Marketing Group

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