Are you looking to grow your YouTube channel? Are you struggling to get views on your videos? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed when it comes to managing that dang YouTube channel?

Well, friend, you’re in luck because I’ve got the tools to make the process easier. I too was struggling to understand how to make YouTube work for me. It’s funny because I have been a social media manager for the past 11 years. I actually have been on YouTube since 2006 if you could believe it. But it’s always just been one of those places where I threw up some videos and wondered why the heck no one was paying attention. That’s right for the past 10 years I’ve been pushing  YouTube to the back of the sock drawer. But in mid-2018 I started doing my Baby Got Bot Chatbot tutorials and that changed everything. I knew that if I wanted to be successful in utilizing my skills as a chatbot trainer that I needed to really understand YouTube. So I started on a quest to build out a YouTube channel that for years only had 90 subscribers or less! Today only 5 months later I have over 475 subscribers and while I still have a LOT of work and growth to do, I have found some awesome tools that have helped create a steady flow of subscribers viewers and commenters that continue to grow every day.


Are you excited to learn how you too can grow your YouTube channel and manage the process a little bit easier? Sweet! The following three tools have significantly helped me to grow and manage my YouTube channel.


In no particular order here they are:


1. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a fantastic tool that will allow you to very easily research which keywords and tags you can use to optimize your videos. In fact, I’m learning new ways every day that I can use TubeBuddy that I didn’t know about even yesterday. For instance, they also have a great tool that allows you to check in on your competition and see what they’re doing to increase their views. I also love that I can look at the health of my Channel with their analytics and Health Report and I am always thrilled when they share with me everytime I hit a milestone. A TubeBuddy account starts as low as $3.50 a month!

TubeBuddy YouTube Tool

Another awesome feature that I love about TubeBuddy is the best practice checklist. This checklist reminds me about all the main elements I do not want to miss in order to have my video reach it’s highest success rate. Some are obvious things like a good title and description, but also reminding me to comment on my own video, share to all the social networks, add end cards and so much more. There is a TON that goes into optimizing a video for YouTube so this just makes it easier to keep them all organized.


Check out TubeBuddy for yourself at


2. MorningFA.ME

I have a serious crush on MorningFA.ME. There is no better tool out there to help you optimize your videos than MorningFame’s Keyword research tool. I use this keyword research tool for every single video that hits my channel. It allows me to pre-research the proper titles descriptions and tags to use on my video in order for the video to be optimized for the best results in the YouTube search. Since starting to use MorningFA.ME I have been able to see a huge increase in views and retention on my videos. I love that it grades my previous videos based on performance and tells me where I should focus my energy when creating future videos.

MorningFame YouTube Tool

If there was one tool I could not live without when it comes to managing and optimizing my YouTube videos it would be MorningFame.


MorningFame is invite only so here is your official invite:


3. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is hands down my favorite social media management tool all around. You probably will hear me talking about it a lot on my blog and in my tool recommendations. The reason I love this tool so much is that it does so much for me. In short, it saves me a TON of money because I was able to cancel a lot of other tools due to the fact that AgoraPulse does the job of all those tools. Every day I am learning new things that AgoraPulse can do for me and my business.


Just a couple of weeks ago I was exploring AgoraPulse and discovered that I could manage my YouTube comments right in the app. This is HUGE because, if you have ever tried to manage YouTube comments on YouTube it is not very user-friendly. First of all the notifications do not tell you that you have comments and you have to take 3 different steps to get to the place where you can manage said comments. Well, I happen to be in AgoaPulse on the daily managing all my social inboxes (YAY Inbox Zero!) and now I do all my YouTube comment management right there. It is WAY easier and very well organized. I HIGHLY recommend this tool if you are in need of a tool that helps you schedule content (not YouTube content in this case) across various social platforms, manage comments and private messages and monitor keywords and your brand. LOVE LOVE LOVE this tool and now that I can manage my YouTube comments inside of AgoraPulse I fell in love just a little more.


Grab a free trial of AgoraPulse at


Please note the links in this blog are affiliate links but that does not change the fact that I love every one of these tools.