Dana White, UFC PresidentFor those of you who don’t know I am a big fan of the UFC. I have been a fan since college when the likes of Ken Shamrock and Randy Couture were still fighting. I have continued to love the sport and now I have even more reason to love UFC President Dana White. You see Dana has been for some time, a leader in social media strategy and engagement. Don’t believe me? Ask one of his 2.3 Million followers on Twitter. This man gets the whole be authentic, be transparent and people will love you thing. Dana is a believer in Twitter (). I love how he explains that one of the reasons he loves Twitter is because “It gives me the ability to cut out all the middleman, meaning the media and whoever that might be, and I can talk directly to our fans.” I mean, come on, how cool is that. Here is the president of successful worldwide company who wants to be directly connected to his fans. It is the culture he has encourage in all his employees and all the fighters on his tickets. This is a man who gets why we use social media. This is a man who can convince a 21 year old male to stay home on a Saturday night, pay $50-60 and watch a night’s worth of fighting. He knows how to be authentic, transparent and, well, human. He also points out the importance of finding the social networks that work for you, that connect you with your fans (where are they), and implement a strategy that works for you. “You Should live where your fans are” ~ Dana White

Lastly, before I show you the video interview, a point that Dana makes that I could not agree more with is, do not always be selling. People like to follow people who are real and interesting not salesman. As far as the web is concerned, when all you do is sell you are a spammer.

I highly recommend that you take the additional 6 minutes and watch this interview (or at least listen to it in the background while you work). Dana knows what he is doing and has even more great tips for any business wanting to be successful on Social Media, no matter what network you choose.