What if I told you that you can deepen connections with online aquaninstences, offline aquaninstences or people you simply do not know but want to reach out to? I know what you are thinking, “Kelly is going to tell me to jump on Facebook and make friends or get on LinkedIn and connect”.  Well yes by all means those things will help you but if you really want to take your relationship with connections to the next level you need to get on Twitter.


Usually when I tell folks that twitter is my favorite social network they look at me funny. When I tell them that It is not only my favorite social network but Twitter has helped me to gain higher exposure, connect with new people on a deeper level, have conversations I would have never been able to have on sites like Facebook and I have deepen the connections with people I have met…well now they look at me like I am just plain crazy!


I get it. I understand where you are coming from. When I started using Twitter back in 2009 I never thought it would be for anything else then to get online, see what was up and maybe find some cool articles to read. Three years later I have over 2000 genuine followers (non paid) and I am interacting with actual people on a daily basis.


Twitter has become my social networking power tool. It has allowed me to be easily accessible to clients, colleagues and my podcast listeners. I am able to learn more about the people in my circle of influence and build relationships with people from around the world and in my local community. Sure there is a ton of static on Twitter and it can be distracting. However, if you use the right tricks of the trade you too can use Twitter as a mega powerful tool.

Here are three tips to take your Twitter from CRAZY to CONNECTING


Twitter ListCreate several list and add people to those list you wish to connect with on a regular basis. I have a list for friends, for clients, a list of people I want to know better, a list for my influencers and a list of people who tweet about topics I am most interested in. I can quickly access the right people for the right time and I can connect better with those I wish to build relationships with thanks to this amazing organizational tool. List are essential for those who want to use Twitter to it’s fullest potential.




Connect in TwitterIn the @connect section of your profile you can see who is interacting directly with you whether by mention or by follow. You can easily follow up with someone’s questions, comments and shout outs. Think of this as the hub of your twitterverse. The place where all the real action happens.




twitter followers

Go to your followers and see who is following you. Thank them. Make a mention from something you saw in their profile. Try to make it personal. You won’t have time to do this with everyone but make an effort to do it when it counts and when you can. It makes a BIG difference on how people view you and your account. You will go from a robot to human in their eyes. And while you are at it go ahead and follow them back. I will generally follow everyone back who is following me. If they later give me reason to not follow them I will simply unfollow. The only types I do not personally like to follow are eggs (people with no photo) and those who are obviously spammers.


In the end you will find that when you take the time to be a genuine person and actually TRY to make real connections the world of twitter will seem like a different place than you had ever thought. People will respond to you. Some will say hi and thank you for the interaction. You will make friends, build those relationships and become a thought leader in your crowd. You don’t have to have thousands of followers to be a Twitter rock star…You just have to be you. Wonderful, interesting and fun you! Now get out there and make some friends!


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