Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn

  1. Using unprofessional photos – You should be presented exactly as people see you in your day-to-day work environment. Be sure your picture is up to date and you still look like yourself. Also, do not crop a photo of you from a wedding or with someone else (cropping the other person out of the image)
  2. Not using a custom URL – You can change your URL where it says Public Profile/edit. Use your name because this is a public link to use in marketing materials. If your name is not available try to pick something that will be good for your personal brand.
  3. Incomplete employment history – If you don’t list a complete work history, old friends and associates will have a hard time finding you and reconnecting. Also you want to showcase yourself as an expert and leader in your field of work.
  4. Not listing your specific URLs – Don’t be satisfied with the default “My Company” or “My Blog.” By simply dropping down to “Other” you can customize these links.
  5. Not adding a profile address to your email signature – Let everyone you email have easy access to the most complete info they could possibly find about you.
  6. No recommendations – This makes people wonder why no one has recommended you. Get recommendations from people that matter. In other words, no recommendations from people who hardly know you.
  7. Incomplete educational information – People search for people they went to school with, so this is key.
  8. Neglecting connections – This network is built on connections, so neglecting relationships is unwise.

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