Are you a content creator. Do you podcast or blog? Or perhaps you are like me and you use Anchor to create audio segments. If this is you I have some tools for Tools and Tips Tuesday I can’t wait to share! My name is Kelly Noble Mirabella, this is Business as Unusual and it is Time for Tools and Tips Tuesday for Tuesday, August 29th

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Link Shortening Tool I Love

The first tool I want to share with you is one I use all the time on Anchor but also all over the web. It not only helps me keep track of the insights behind a URL I share (kind of like Google Analytics light) but it also makes it SUPER easy to share long URLs across the web. That’s right we are talking about a link shortener and my favorite is Goo.gl. Goo.gl is SUPER easy to use. Just go to the site at goo.gl, paste in your URL and Google shoots back a shortened URL you can share wherever your heart desires. You can go back and look at how that URL is performing by accessing simple data like clicks, referring sources, countries, browsers, and platforms. Although not as robust as some link shortening tools out there it is a great alternative to those who simply want a shorter link that is easy to grab and come back to time and time again. It all runs on the Google platform so it is also pretty reliable.

Check it out at Goo.gl


Headline Analyzer

For the content creator that likes to overthink their titles

This next tool is for all content creators that want to create a catchy headline or title for their content piece. Headline Analyzer by Coschedule is a free tool that allows you to type in your proposed headline (aka blog or podcast title) and it will spit back a score based on several factors. This tool helps you find the right balance between common words, uncommon (catchy) words, emotion, and power. One of my favorite features of this tools is I can test out several titles and subject lines back to back and it will keep a running list with my score so I can see which one will likely perform the best.  

This tool can be used for your podcast titles, blog titles, email subject lines and so much more. Coschedule does require registration but again this tool is totally free. So if you want to geek out over your titles this is the place for you!

Check out this tool at https://coschedule.com/headline-analyzer



Schedule out our content and get back to creating new stuff

Sharing and resharing content on your social sites can be time-consuming, especially when you are trying to mix in other content pieces and curating stuff from other sources. For this, I give you Buffer App. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Buffer. It allows me to easily manage all of my social media accounts as well as my clients’ accounts and ensure that there is always great content going out into the social feeds. One of the tools within Buffer that I REALLY love is the power scheduler, which allows you to schedule out the same content piece several times over several days, weeks and even months. This is especially helpful for Twitter as well as evergreen content you want to keep bringing back into the light!

Buffer has plans starting at FREE and going up. I would say most users that are not professional social media managers use the awesome plan at $10 per month.

Check out this tool at buffer.com