Welcome to your Social Media update for Saturday August 12th. This is where I run down some of the updates, changes and news in the social media world. 

Listen to this breakdown:

Facebook Launches new video platform within Facebook

Looks like Facebook is making big moves in the media category with it’s roll out of Watch. Watch is like a more social version of YouTube or even eventually Netflix. Allowing people to interact and share in real time this will allow creators and their fans to possibly grow more rapidly as well as enhance the viewing experience. Additionally all content creators will have the opportunity to monetize their content within the Watch platform which is very enticing indeed.

Currently Facebook is rolling out Watch to a select number of users but has plans to expand to all users soon.

You can learn more about this new feature at:

Introducing Watch and Shows on Facebook

As for becoming a creator, it appears Facebook is going after big fish to start. Creators from networks and major sports are getting on board and creating original and behind the scene content for the platform. Although novice and smaller content creators may have a chance to get on the Watch platform eventually, it would appear it may be a while.

To learn more about applying for a show page and getting your show on Watch check out
Show Page Inquiry

A couple of the Categories Facebook are  wanting include:

  • Animals
  • Education
  • Family and kids
  • Lifestyle
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Talkshows
  • Food
  • Stunts
  • Animation
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Travel


Facebook is discontinuing the groups app

For those of you who are fond of the Facebook groups app it is time to say goodbye. Facebook has announced it will discontinue the Groups app as of September 1st. Personally I am cool with this development as the app never worked right for me and it as quite a bloat on my Samsung s7. You will still be able to manage and interact in groups over in Facebook’s main app so no real loss here.


Facebook Marketplace is now on Desktop

When Facebook first launched the marketplace and up until now, it was only available via the mobile app. Now Facebook has announced the Marketplace app is also available via the desktop website. This is great news for those who are used to and enjoy the desktop version of sites like Craigslist. Facebook Marketplace has the added benefit of giving users more confidence buying from people they don’t know since there is less anonymity than sites like craigslist. Are you using marketplace?


WordPress.com opens up plugins and themes for premium users.

WordPress Business plan members will now be able to download and use 3rd party plugins and themes. A HUGE improvement in usability for the wordpress.com community. Those of us who have used wordpress.org for sometime have already been enjoying these benefits (and more I might add) but now even wordpress.com users can have the power to truly customize their blogs and websites.

Business plans are currently listed at 24.92 per month USD

Further details at

Anchor.fm rolls out transcribed video based on your audio clips

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this update! If you are using the app anchor you may have already heard the word on this, but this past week Anchor.fm rolled out a new feature where you can take a clip (or wave) from your station and have it turned into a transcribed video. The videos will be available to you in square, landscape and even in the size that is perfect for stories (ala Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat!). This feature is easy to use and is a great way to help promote your station and your episodes on other platforms, especially on Facebook where there is an algorithmic preference towards video. Currently this video feature is only available on station clips and not on full episodes but the developers at Anchor.fm have stated there is a possibility this will be an option in the future, as well as support for languages outside of english (currently transcription only supports English)


I would love to hear from you! What do you think of these updates?