I am co-teaching an online marketing class in Colorado Springs next Tuesday and we still have some tickets available. Here are the details on this class which will feature one hour of social media best practices and one hour of search engine optimization training:

Wish you better understood how to use social media for your business? How would you like to know how to make your website show up higher in the search engines? If either of these topics are of interest for you then you will benifit from this 2 hour class. This class will include many of the topics that most business owners are looking to find out more about:

  • Facebook business page best practices
  • Linkedin best practices
  • Twitter best practices
  • Email Marketing Best practices – Avoid breaking the law!
  • Basics of link building

Hour 1: Social Media Best Practices

So you are on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter but you are a little lost at what to do next. Kelly Noble will show you the best practices for the top 3 social media networks, teaching you the important steps to take to stand out and be a valuable source for your clients. Kelly will also discuss the top email marketing mistakes that people make and will give you insight on how to use social media as a tool to build your business rather than a time waster. 

Hour 2: Link Building and Search Engine Optimization

Does your business show up in the search engine rankings?  Do you want to rank higher for specific words and phrases?  SEO Expert Hunter Willis will show you the basics of search engine optimization and give you advice and tools you can start using immediately to improve the rankings of your website.  When you leave the class you’ll know:

  • Some of most important aspects of your website according to Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • What is keyword research, how to do it, and why it’s important
  • Techniques to get you ranked higher in the “Local” search results
  • Why link building is important and how you can do it yourself
  • Where you can find free tools to help you optimize your website       


If you would like to stay informed of any upcoming classes please sign up for my interest list. I am currently working on doing a Facebook training now that Facebook has done a complete overhaul of their site. Please comment below if you are interested or sign up for the interest list.