In today’s technology driven world the LinkedIn profile has become even more important than ever before. More   companies than ever are requiring that you have a LinkedIn profile and if you are looking for a job you simply cannot do it without one. However, just having an account on LinkedIn is not enough. You have to have a fully filled out and optimized profile that reflects your personal brand.

Here are 5 tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile:

1. Discover your optimal Keyword phrase: If someone was searching online for someone like you, what would they type? For example: If someone was searching for someone like me they might type “Social Media Consultant” or “Social Media trainer”. This is your optimal keyword phase. I suggest two phrases. The first is the common terms the average person might search and the second is a term people in your industry would search. Optimize your account with these keyword phrases.

2. Say cheese: Go out and get yourself a great headshot. One that looks like you now, not 10 years ago. This photo should not be of you and your dog, boyfriend, baby, or cropped from when you were in that wedding that one time. You should be smiling and dressed for the part.

3. Fill it out: As much as possible fill out your profile. Your summary should really set you apart and the descriptions for your present and past employment should highlight your skills and mastery of your job. What makes you better than your competition? Tell people in these sections.

4. Get recommended: The best and fastest way to get recommended is to simply ask. But don’t just ask anyone and everyone you are connected to. Request recommendations from people who have worked with you either as a client, customer or colleague. Ask your boss and anyone else that can give you a real and valuable recommendation. Do not ask your best friend, neighbor, mom or the person you just met over coffee for the first time.

5. Get connected: The more people you connect with the more opportunity will come your way. See the way it works is you have 1st connections, 2nd connections and 3rd connections. The more people you are 1st connections with the more opportunity to connect with key people in the world. Just think of the possibilities!

LinkedIn Connections

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