Everyone is talk about Facebook Live right now. It’s not wonder why though! People are saying to use it, market with it, build an email list, create sales with it, and build your empire! However, other experts are saying it is a waste of time and you should do other things like lead magnets, webinars, classes, and Facebook ads. So what should you do? Who should you listen to? Is Facebook live and other live broadcasting tools a big waste of your time? Is the newsfeed already oversaturated? Is it not worth adding to your marketing mix? Let’s dive in and examine this…

“Facebook live and live broadcasting is not good for building an email list”

Yes, it is not the best way to build a list as a stand alone. With that said, you will not be able to build an empire by just focusing on one thing. For example, many experts and coaches out there are selling ecourses and pushing webinars as the best way to build an email list. However, webinars alone do not bring people to your list. You need to promote them, use ads, email, and social media to market your webinar.  The true way to build an email list is to have a full plan/strategy that supports your goals. Live video can help with that.  

“Facebook Live cannot get you leads or sales”

I have personally experienced the benefits of live video for helping me get more sales. Not to mention I get emails and messages from my students and connections telling me how live video has helped take cold leads to sales much faster. I have seen it used to bring massive value to audiences which helps not only grow groups and email lists, but also helps with retention.
But no, live video alone will not build a list or get you TONS of sales. It is still a powerful tool that I believe is an important tool that business owners SHOULD utilize. I do think it is worth the time for most businesses to get in and start using Facebook Live and other live broadcasting tools as part of their overall marketing strategy. Despite what some people are saying, there is still plenty of people who are using it AS PART OF A STRATEGY to meet their business goals.

“The feed is oversaturated with live video and people are starting to not tune in”

Let’s not forget that live video is still relatively new to the masses. People are still trying to figure out how to use it in their business and in their personal life. A lot of trial and error will happen. I remember when Facebook came along and businesses started using Facebook. Many people used it in the wrong way (and let’s be honest, they still do). As a result, a lot of people said it was not a good business marketing tool… well… I think we can agree that things have changed with time and experience. In the same respect, if professionals can learn how to use live video correctly and add it in as part of the whole mix, (again I am not saying it should be your sole way of trying to accomplish your business goals) it can be a fantastic tool.

Facebook Live and live broadcasting WILL bring value to your fans, followers, and clients. It will help you close the gap between lukewarm to burning hot lead. Live broadcasting saves you time, it helps build a trusting relationship and it can help you grow a Facebook group, a fan base, an email list, or whatever else you are trying to do, IF YOU DO IT RIGHT.

Something you may not want to hear…

The thing is, too many people are chasing this idea that if they are not growing thousands of new subscribers or group members a day, week, month that it is a failure. They believe if they are not making 6 figures that it’s not worth the effort. Sometimes, slow and steady growth of people who are trusting of you is far better in the long term. Case in point, 100% of my social media management clients are now from referrals or relationships I have built over the years. I literally do nothing to promote that service and it is the bulk of my income. How did I do it? By teaching classes, networking and doing things that take time and effort and DON’T bring thousands to my door.

Focus on the relationship you build with people. I would rather have 100 super gung ho group members or email subscribers that sing my praises and refer business to me than 1000’s that I have to constantly be selling and moving through a funnel. And this is coming from someone who does both types of list building.

With that being said, people don’t want to hear that. They don’t want to wait and do it slow and steady. We all want to be famous, make our 6 figures QUICKLY, and we want it NOW. I am not saying it is bad. I am not saying that the coaches and successful entrepreneurs out there who are making bank and teaching their 5 step programs are bad. Actually, I applaud them. They did it their way and they are a great success…and now they want to teach you. Just like I want to teach you. Please keep in mind, overnight success is not always an option. 6 figures is not always what success looks like to you. And sometimes, the long game is the way to go.

I will continue to encourage people to utilize Facebook live and live video as a piece of their marketing strategy because I know it works. It works for me and it works for others. Is there a lot of crap out there right now on the feeds? YEP! And there always will be. No matter what kind of medium you use to get your message out. The best thing you can do is set yourself up for success by focusing on leading with value, being authentic, and building trusting relationships. In the end, that is a winning strategy. If live video helps you with that, do it. If you don’t think it does, then don’t.


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