WHEN you post no longer matters

You have probably experienced the Facebook algorithm dwindling your reach for your page. It has been going on for years. In fact, the algorithm is so horrible it has started to haunt marketers in their sleep. Business owners and marketers alike have been struggling to try something new and get in front of more and more people. You probably have goals of growing your following on Facebook and increasing your reach. It is becoming more the focus of all businesses, so it’s no wonder we have become obsessed with the numbers we see on our Facebook page.

In the video below I break it down for you! I discuss why it no longer matters when you post to Facebook. Watch this quick 4 minute video and then come back and let’s talk about the next step. What really matters when it comes to reach.

What REALLY matters when it comes to your Facebook Page posting strategy

By now you should have a clear understanding of why WHEN you post really does not matter when it comes to Facebook. The algorithm is the killer of the WHEN. So what we really need to be focusing on is relevancy.  What content are you sharing on your Facebook business page? Scoot on over to your Facebook page and let’s do a quick audit. The number one question you should be asking yourself is, are you over promoting? If the mass majority of what is on your page is promotion, and those promotions are not getting engaged, my friend, you are wasting your time and hurting your Facebook page. Your fans and the Facebook Community as a whole do not care about your promotions. So what you really should be focusing on is relevancy. The content that you are posting needs to be relevant to your ideal audience, to the people who like your page, and to the people who you want to like your page (and eventually buy from you).


So what kind of content could be deemed relevant? When you’re standing at the edge of a vastness that is content that can be created for your page, you need to think about if you are bringing some kind of value to your audience. Are you educated them, entertaining them, or inspiring them? If you’re not doing one of these things, you’re probably doing it wrong and your content is not relevant.


When I was at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego last week, the kick-off keynote was by Mike stelzner. He was the one who brought this idea to my attention. One thing that he said really stuck, he said, back in the day when Facebook first began and there were no”Social Media Managers” we were “Community Managers”. It’s time to go back to that. So I encourage you to put your community hat back on and start focusing on it again. How can you help your community? Once you crack that code you will find success in the algorithm. It may not be the success that we all strive for a hundred percent reach, but I can guarantee you that you will see a far better return on your investment when you focus on bringing value to your community instead of focusing on things like when should I post and how often should I post.


So what do you think?

So tell me…what do you think? How has the Facebook algorithm changes over the years affected you and your business? How are you combating these changes?  Are you focusing on your community? Are you educating, inspiring or entertaining your community? I’d love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments or better yet Tweet at me @Stellar247.