Every business can benefit from using Facebook Live. However, it is important to use this tool correctly, and with a purpose. If you are on point with your message and are able to showcase your product or service well, you can increase your sales and business with live videos. Here are some great tips to help you build a foundation, and create buzz around your business by using live videos.

Work your product into the video in a subtle way

One great way to show the value of your product is to tease its importance into the content of your video. The topic of your video should be relevant to your product, so it will be a seamless transition to show your audience how your product will help them accomplish the goals stated in your video.

Drive the sale without being too salesy

This point goes hand in hand with the last one because you want to work your product into the video without being aggressive. People tend to shut down when they feel they are listening to a sales pitch, so you need to find the middle ground of not seeming like an infomercial, but still driving home that people should be buying your product.

Show your expertise

When people buy a product, they are partly buying the image of the person selling it. If you can show how knowledgeable and qualified you are in your videos, people will feel much more confident in your products.

Repurpose your content

When you are making a Facebook Live video, be sure to repurpose the information in as many ways as possible. You can summarize your video’s key points and put them in a newsletter, blog, or email campaign, and post the content on your social media platforms with a call to action. If a subject was important enough to make a Live video, then your audience needs to be exposed to it as much as possible.

Showcase your product in positive light

Facebook Live videos give you the perfect opportunity to show off your product in a down to Earth way. Make sure to be likable in your videos, and let your audience connect with your true self. Make sure to show off your product by giving demonstrations of its uses, and discussing the key benefits with your audience.

If you can build a foundation, and create buzz around your product by using Live videos, you will be able to help increase your sales and make more money. Make sure to follow these tips to make great live videos that will help you show off the value of your amazing products! 


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