Facebook Live videos are excellent tools to help spread your message, improve your online traction, and increase your followers. However, how much success you have with your Facebook Live videos depends on how much forethought and effort you put into them. If you want to have videos with a lot of engagement, make sure to do these 8 things before you go live on Facebook!

1) Promote your videos beforehand- To maximize the amount of viewers your videos receive, it is important to let your audience know about you going live before the day you record. You can create an event page, create graphics, post teasers and promotional messages on your Facebook wall, and post in relevant groups to spread the word about your upcoming video. Make sure to let your audience know that a Facebook Live video is coming, and create as much buzz about it as possible.

2) Check your lighting- You want to look your best when you go on the air, so make sure you have excellent lighting before you start recording. Natural light is an effective source to help you look your best, but it can be unreliable. If you record videos frequently, it may be worth the investment to purchase a light kit.

3) Check your angles- In addition to good lighting, it is important to make sure that you are shown in good angles during the video. A tripod is important to make sure your camera isn’t shaky during the video, and you can turn your phone or camera on selfie mode to see which angle is the best for you before you begin recording.

4) Turn your device on do not disturb- During a live recording, you want to make sure to avoid distractions like text notifications and phone call rings. Make sure to turn off your ringer and avoid your phone vibrating during the video.

5) Check internet connection- Facebook Live uses a lot of bandwidth to work correctly, so if you do not have a strong internet connection, you may struggle with interruptions and lagging. Make sure you have an excellent internet connection before you start recording.

6) Check battery- Facebook Live also drains your battery quickly, so make sure your device is fully charged before you start recording. The last thing you want is for your camera to die in the middle of a video.

7) Use a microphone- If you are recording on the move, or interviewing somebody, your sound may fluctuate during the video. A microphone is a great way to make sure you have quality sound levels during the entire recording.

8) Use an enticing title- It is common for people to stream live videos on Facebook without adding a title, and this is a waste of an opportunity. People are less likely to click on a Facebook Live video if they do not know what it is about. Make sure to add a title that will catch potential viewer’s attention!

If done correctly, Facebook Live videos can draw a lot of engagement, and help you spread you gain more followers. Make sure to follow these 8 tips to make sure you receive the maximum amount of engagement. If you would like to learn more about creating great Facebook Live videos check out www.fblivepro.com

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