Social media marketers have to manage many things. We need to be able to effectively plan, create, schedule, manage and analyze a myriad of contents and strategies, often for several clients and ourselves. That is why we tend to buy into many tools. Over the last 11 years, I have not only been an in-house social media manager but also in the previous 9, I have managed the social media for several brands both big and small. Because of this I have tried and used a plethora of tools. Last year my expenses surpassed $20k for tools, so when I tell you I use a lot of tools, I am serious. However, after a very expensive 2017, I decided I needed to audit myself and cut out all the unnecessary apps and tools. So here are some of the tools I ended up keeping. (AgoraPulse helped me SAVE money by allowing me to cancel a lot of other tools)


There is no question that all social media managers need to have a tool to schedule out and manage multiple social media accounts. There are a LOT of tools and applications that can do this or part of this. I have used many of those tools. I have spent a LOT of money on many tools to help accomplish this. However, then I came across AgoraPulse. I can’t tell you how much I love AgoraPulse! I was able to cancel hundreds of dollars worth of tools in favor of just one account with AgoraPulse. Some say AgoraPulse is a bit pricey, but if you consider how much you save in not needing multiple tools to accomplish the same tasks, you will see it is well worth it.


Here are the top 7 things that AgoraPulse does for me:

  1. I can schedule posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and the soon to be retired Google Plus.
  2. I can manage comments and private messages, therefore, getting to “Inbox Zero on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus and YouTube. I LOVE that I can manage the YouTube comments because YouTube does not make that the easiest thing to accomplish.
  3. Run comprehensive and easy to understand reports for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram
  4. Run competitive analysis for Facebook pages which is fantastic for benchmarking.
  5. Run social monitoring and listening on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
  6. See who my top engaged followers are on multiple platforms
  7. Easily and quickly reschedule content to go out numerous times over a span of time.

Get a free trial of AgoraPulse at (Pro tip, if you get to the end of the 14-day trial and want to extend it merely ask them! They will extend you another 14 days!)


CanvaIf you are a social media marketer chances are you will need to create a graphic every once in a while. If you are a marketer who does not want to hire a graphic designer for every graphic you do, you will want Canva. Canva is an exceptional tool (with some limits) that help you create graphics and visual properties for all your marketing needs. If you have a pro account, you can also save your brand assets like brand colors, logos, and even custom fonts. I love that I can save templates too! Canva makes it very easy for me to create a months worth of content in just a couple hours for myself and my clients. You may also find the folders helpful for organizing all your visual assets.

Check out a free or pro account of Canva at

MorningFame YouTube ToolIf you have dreams of making your YouTube channel grow and getting more views on your videos, you will want to invest in This amazing tool helps you to achieve your YouTube domination goals with features like keyword planning, metadata research, growth strategy planning, reports and tools to help you improve where your reports see you lacking. is hands down the best tool I have in my toolbox when it comes to succeeding on YouTube! I have seen a significant increase in views, subscribes and even engagement since starting to use This tool is invite only, so if you want to use it for yourself here is your official invite (try it free!):



Trello for content calendarContent planning, calendars, and overall to-do list organization are just part of the job description as a social media manager. That is where Trello can help. I use this organizational tool to help me plan out my monthly content for myself and my clients. Each client has a board, with areas to organize ideas, works in progress, finished projects/content pieces and scheduling all planned out on my boards. It is straightforward to use, great for teams collaborations and client feedback. I love that I can integrate Google calendar along with a TON of other tools. If you are looking for a great way to organize yourself, your content and your life, Trello is a must.

I HIGHLY recommend Trello. They have a free version as well as an insanely affordable pro version (which is what I use). Check it out at

Adobe Spark

I am a big fan of social marketing videos on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Twitter. Short videos that convey valuable information are great for these platforms but how do you create them both quickly and affordably without skimping on quality? That is where Adobe Spark comes in. I have been using this tool for over a year to create short (under 1 minute sometimes 2 minutes) videos and these videos have helped me to grow m reach and engagement across all these platforms. I love that I can add my own video clips, do voiceovers, add text and use Adobe’s stock photo library to create these videos. I can create visually compelling marketing videos in 20-30 minutes with the help of Adobe Spark.

But Adobe Spark is not just for video! You can also use it to create social graphics which includes stories for Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat! 

Pricing is $9.99/month with no annual commitment, or $99.99 per year (which breaks down to about $8.33/month) Check out Adobe Spark for yourself at

I have other tools that I use, but as of right now these are the top 5 I can’t live without right now! I would love to hear from you: What is your favorite social media management tool you are using right now? Have you used any of the tools I mentioned? If so, what did you think?


FYI this post contains affiliate links.