What if I told you there is a place online where you can have access to the answers to your questions, where you can find out what your customers needs and wants are,where you can find guest bloggers and get advice from top influencers. A place where you can make connections and a place where you know about breaking news before all the major news sources do. What if I told you it was a one stop shop and oh yeah, it’s free. Would you be interested? Guess what, that places really does exist and it’s called Twitter.

I get asked all the time from non twitter users “what’s the point of twitter?” And “how can I use twitter for myself?” Well friends, here is a list of the top reasons I believe twitter rocks and how you can use it.


  1. Active and real time listening

  2. Get breaking news

  3. Share breaking news

  4. Be apart of a revolution

  5. Be seen as an expert

  6. Learn what your customers want

  7. Provide better customer service

  8. Foster on and offline relationships

  9. Connect with folks you would typically not have access to

  10. Get answers. Ask your followers or tweet to @answers

  11. Stay up to date with traffic, your favorite team, local news and weather alerts, celebrity gossip or basically everything you want to know

  12. Get great customer service

  13. Give great customer service

  14. Branding, marketing, pr

  15. Get connected and find what you need/want

    1. Speakers

    2. Guest bloggers

    3. People to interview


    5. Reviews

    6. Advice

  16. Find great content to read and share

  17. Learn from thought leaders and/or be a thought leader

  18. Be entertained

  19. See what’s trending with #hashtags

  20. Research

As you can see there are many reasons to use Twitter. Everyone uses twitter for a different purpose or for many purposes but in the end it is a useful tool. So if you have been sitting around wondering “What’s the point” I just gave you 20.

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