Social Media Management

Just having a Twitter account or Facebook page isn’t enough. Part of social media is just that: being social. You need to interact with fans and followers on a daily basis in order to create a solid foundation and with all that you do in a day, maintaining your accounts can be daunting. Stellar Media Marketing can maintain all your social media accounts for you to ensure that no one in your social media network feels neglected. We’ll work with you to determine what is an acceptable amount of interaction on a per day or per week basis and which social media sites are the most important to focus on. You may choose to use each social media outlet in a different way to reach a different outlet after seeing how your customers interact with each site. We’ll monitor all of the interaction and report back to you so you know how to best utilize all of your accounts.

We also offer an array of social media management options for those companies and individuals who can’t find the time to stay up with all their social media efforts but still want to be active.

Premium VIP Clients

I personally manage all of my premium VIP client’s accounts. Using my 11+ years of social media management and marketing experience I build custom packages and uphold premium quality services for these VIP clients. You not only get my personal attention on your accounts but you also have access to me in monthly meetings and consulting sessions. Space is very limited for this service level. Please contact me today if you would like to learn more about becoming a premium VIP client. If space is not available you may have the option to be added to my wait list but openings are not guaranteed.

If you are interested in learning more please set up a complimentary discovery call convenience.

NEW! Affordable Small Business Packages

Not every business can afford my premium and personalized services. This is why I have developed these starter packages perfect for the emerging business looking to get their feet wet in the social media space. These packages are both affordable and impactful. Although you may not get the hands-on attention from me personally, rest assured you will get high-quality social media management and content from one of my qualified teammates. Explore my new packages below and let’s connect and talk about launching your business into social media and taking advantage of what these emerging mediums have to offer!


We hired Stellar Media Marketing after a difficult experience with a larger, local social media company. We are so glad we hired her. Kelly is very organized, responsive and clear with her communications. We just reviewed our contract with her and she is meeting every deliverable we had agreed upon. Very happy with our decision.

Renee S.

Midwife, SCV Birth Center

Kelly is amazing – she knows the ins and outs of getting noticed on social media and makes it look effortless! Once we made the decision to hire her, we were able to sit back and relax. She finds the perfect blend of relevant curated and organic content. She is an expert in her field, does her work with excellence and class and we get the benefits! Worth every penny!!

Andrea & Paul K.