There are approximately 2.5M real estate agents/brokers in the United States so it is more important than ever to give yourself the marketing edge you need to stand out in the crowd. Social Media has become the tool that can help an agent increase brand presence, build relationships and land more clients. By expanding your online presence to various social networks, and showcasing yourself and the local industry expert you are upping your chance of being found and being preferred when consumers are searching for an agent to work with. Let me help you utilize online tools and social networks to showcase you as THE leading real estate agent that clients will want to work with. I have over 8 years experience working in the social media marketing industry and over 10 years experience working in the homebuilding and real estate marketing and sales field. I can help you and your personal brand shine above the rest by providing consistent and helpful content on multiple social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and beyond.  I offer professionals in the real estate industry special packages and pricing since this is the industry where my social media background started. Please take a look at my base packages and feel free to reach out for more information. All of my packages are customizable to your individual needs and wants. Just ask.
  • Facebook Page Management
  • Twitter Content postings
  • LinkedIn Profile/Page Content Postings
  • Industry related content that is ideal for home buyers, shoppers and owners. Mixing in your original content from new listings and open houses to company news and events.
  • Min. 3 to 14 posts per week + any original content supplied by client (depends on network)
  • Monthly reports


Investment: $600 per month

Add Ons:

  • Instagram $200 per month
  • Email Marketing via Constant Contact *price varies based on list size


  • Facebook Page Management
  • Twitter Management
  • Instagram Management
  • Google Plus Content Management
  • LinkedIn Profile/Page Content Postings
  • One LinkedIn Pulse blog article per month (or for your website blog)
  • Industry related content that is ideal for home buyers, shoppers and owners
  • Location based content to leverage you as the local expert in your area
  • Mixing in your original content from new listings and open houses to company news and events.
  • Minimum 5 – 14 posts per week + any original content supplied by client
  • Monthly reports
  • Dedicated phone time each month
  • Additional social networks and/or profiles
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog Content Creation
  • Facebook Ad Management

Contact us for a custom quote for ad ons and custom packages.

What is the difference between Stellar Media Marketing & Kelly Mirabella vs. those $100 services you see everywhere?




Kelly Mirabella is more of a full service social media manager without the full service price.

  • Discover quality curated content to share on your various social networks that is unique to your profiles.
  • Utilize your original content, images, listings and more to mix in with the curated content and make the profiles truly yours. (these are NOT auto posted from an RSS feed.)
  • Manage comments, messages and questions that come into your pages and profiles.
  • Create and share content that is not just urls to other websites. We will mix in video, slideshows, links, images and more to make sure your page and profiles are sharing a good mix of content types.
  • Manage your Facebook ads when an ad budget is provided.
  • Provide detailed and custom reports to show you how things are going
  • Working with you to change things up each month based on your needs, your other marketing efforts and your business.
  • 8+ years of industry experience and social media know how.


Those other services typically only include curated content or RSS feed postings. These are CONTENT services not full service management services. The list below includes some of the things typically included in one of these type of services.

  • Content curation based on your industry
  • Sometimes they might include content based on your location
  • Rss feed of your listings and/or blogs auto posted to your pages and profiles
  • Monthly reports

Because of the nature of my commitment to my client’s accounts and the amount of time it takes to dedicate to your success, I can only take on so many clients at one time. Currently I have openings for new clients. Please contact me today to learn how I can help you succeed on social media!

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Please Note: These prices and packages are only available for new clients in the real estate industry.