I have been talking to you a lot about creating content, creating visuals and videos as well as filling a content calendar. But today we are going to take a look at how you can take your current content and transform it into various content pieces to be used on a myriad of social networks and for achieving all kinds of goals. Curious? Great! Then stay tuned!


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Every time I create a podcast episode I turn around and create the following pieces of content:

  • A blog post with the show notes as well as the blog image that will translate to most social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.
  • An Instagram Image and post to help promote said posts
  • A Pinterest Image
  • A video that will be shared the following week (I typically on do this for my social media weekend update but I really could do it for any episode)


That is my basic content plan for every episode. But it does not stop there. If I have an evergreen episode or blog post I will make sure I am planning to share the content over the course of the next year. I will also often times create ebooks and worksheets based on some of my more popular content so it can be used in a lead funnel to help build my email list. You see when you are taking the time to create quality cornerstone and evergreen content you really do need to take the time to take it steps further. But all this can seem very overwhelming, am I right? Have no fear. I am going to share with you the tools I use to make this process easier and less time-consuming.


My Favorite Visual Creation Tool – Stencil


I have mentioned Stencil a couple of other times in my podcast as a great tool for creating a custom image for your social media. But what I didn’t mention was how fast you can change up the sizing of your images to meet all your needs AND you can quickly schedule and share out those images to Buffer, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more. I LOVE the Buffer integration as that right there saves me loads of time when creating images for one content piece but overall social networks that I am on. So what used to take me an hour can now take about 20 minutes. Stencil has a ton of icons and stock images you can use on the fly, and the tools are simple and easy to maneuver, helping you work faster and more efficiently.


Highlight or repurpose content with video – Lumen5


There are a great deal of video creation tools on the market today. And while I am an advocate for many of them, when it comes to fast turnaround for videos to create and highlight my blogs and podcast episodes I always turn to Lumen5. This tool is stupid fast and easy to use. Import your blog or cut and paste content. Use their free stock images or upload your own, add text, add free royalty free music, customize your colors and watermark then BAM! You have a video you can use on any platform you choose. They have video formats in landscape and even square so you are sure to share the video format that works best for each social network (hint, square is best on Instagram).  I can put a video together in less than 10 minutes and it typically outperforms a lot of the content I post to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Native video is so in right now so why wouldn’t you want to repurpose your content to create a video? To me, it is just good marketing and good business.

The tool that keeps the content coming – Missinglettr



This next tool is a godsend when it comes to reusing and repurposing my evergreen content. Missinglettr imports your blog content and allows you to quickly schedule and customize postings to go out over the course of the next year. As someone who blogs regularly, I know that promoting my blog content is a lot of work and very time consuming but also essential.


That seemingly simple task starts taking up more and more time as time goes by and as you have more posts to promote. To make things even worse, I need to think about constantly promoting my evergreen posts because that’s the only way for them to continuously bring traffic to my site.

That’s why I was very happy to discover Missinglettr through a deal with BuzzSumo. MissingLettr is an automation tool that actually helps save my time.


After I connected my blog page to the platform, all I needed to do were some basic settings and I was ready to launch campaigns! Missinglettr recognizes my blog posts and I can pick the ones I want to promote. I review my campaign (that includes both images and text). When I approve it, there is a year’s worth of posts that are automatically sent out to my social profiles.

So far it has been the best tool I have found when it comes to getting evergreen out there on a consistent basis. They also just made an update where you can post your content to medium automatically! Yet another way to save you time.


Transform content into ebooks, checklists, and guides in a flash – Beacon



If I have content that performs better than other pieces I will generally turn it into a guidebook, resource guide or checklist. I love creating multiple freemium pieces as they are awesome for growing an email list with the help of a lead funnel plus they compliment many of my webinars and ecourses. Why not take the stellar content you have and create even more value! Most people don’t take this step because they think it will cost too much or take too long. Well, most people are not using the tool Beacon. Beacon allows me to import content and very quickly create a custom ebook, checklist or resource guide. Easy to use interface and already assembled and customizable templates make lead magnet creation a breeze.


Why do all this extra work?

I know first hand the amount of time that goes into consistently delivering good content that your readers, listeners, and followers want to see. But if you think that creating content alone is going to get you where you want to be you are dead wrong. This is not a build it and they will come scenario. It is getting harder and harder for content creators to get eyes and ears on their work, so what are you to do? You have to promote, share, recycle and reuse. One share it not going to do it. If your content is evergreen you absolutely need to add a repurposing strategy to your arsenal. This will continue to get you new readers and listeners. Plus, when you create content in the form of sound, the written word, video and visual you are giving different types of content consumers a vehicle to learn about you and what you are offering. Some people don’t like to read and others prefer to have something in hand to write notes. So no matter if you have a sound, sight or smell (okay maybe not smell) type of target, you are sure to capture your audience time and time again. Why spend the time creating all that great content just to hide it away in your little corner of the internet. Be sure you are sharing that wealth of knowledge of yours!


So there you have it. I hope the tools I shared with you today will help you be a better recycler…of your own content that is. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any follow up questions or if there is a tool you use to repurpose and recycle evergreen content.


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As always I want to thank you for tuning in and have a stellar day!

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