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Welcome to the social media weekend update! Your place for all the latest and greatest in social media news, updates, and rumors. My name is Kelly Noble Mirabella and I scourge the internet for all the news worth considering so you don’t have too! Welcome to my Business as Unusual podcast! Today we have news on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn and more!

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Twitter expands tweet count to 280

Verbose twitter users rejoice, Twitter now allows you to use up to 280 characters! While initially I was concerned that the feed would look like crap with over clutter, I then took a deep breath and remembered I never use the main newsfeed and instead opt for lists, so honestly, I am okay with this move. Users will not know how many characters they are using until they only have 20 left. My guess is that most people won’t even use that many characters in general. This was seconded by Twitter who also found during their test of the 280 characters that most users only took up 190 characters. My guess is the move will help new users feel more at home while OG users like myself with learning to love the change. Besides, the character count is the least of Twitter’s issues right now…


Twitter launches public beta for $99 promotion subscription.

Twitter is now offering a $99 per month twitter promotion for all users in a public beta. You can now pay $99 per month and Twitter will promote 10 of your tweets for the month. According to twitter At our current price ($99 a month) accounts with up to 2,000 followers will see the most value.

Twitter claims that on average accounts will reach 30,000 additional people and add 30 followers each month.  I have heard from a couple of people who have tried it that they were not huge fans and in general, it was a waste of money.


Snapchat announced their failures

Snapchat takes a big hit and announces a $40 million loss on snap spectacle. Can’t say I am totally surprised but if you have those spectacles you do you… Probably hoping to boost investor confidence and share values they also announced that they will be making a design overhaul Which users can expect to see in 2018.



Facebook Messenger testing live chat plugin for websites

If you want more ways to get your customers and potential customers to connect with you, you may like this next test that Facebook is rolling out. Facebook is testing out the ability to put a messenger box on your website via a plugin. I already have this exact feature on my website but I have to use a 3rd party. I love this feature as I am nearly always on Facebook. Also if you have a chatbot setup on your messenger this can be a great way to help people with commonly asked questions.


Instagram now allows story files over 24 hours

Instagram now allows users to upload photos and videos older than 24 hours to stories

I am a huge fan of this rollout as I manage the social media for several companies. One of the ways I am able to do stories for my clients is to pre-record them when I am with that client and/or create stories using 3rd party tools like Canva or Animoto. I typically will have a whole weeks worth of stories lined up and this will save me time as I will be able to easily access older files without having to do some kind of crazy workaround.


Facebook Marketplace makes listing rentals easier

Facebook expands Marketplace again by offering a place to market rental listings

Prior to this move, anyone could list a rental individually but now according to TechCrunch, Facebook says it’s now partnering with sources like Apartment List and Zumper to pull in listings. As an added bonus listers can now add 360 photos to their listings to really highlight their properties! It seems that Facebook is just one step away from taking on the real estate market and becoming a national MLS….Just a thought.


LinkedIn rolls out sales navigator (Rapportive)

Back in 2012, LinkedIn picked up the add-on app Rapportive and finally they are rolling it back out with a new name. LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. Sales navigator will give you insights into the people you are emailing via the data inside LinkedIn. The big catch? It is not free. Starting at 79.99 per month this tool might be a steal for power users but for the everyday user that previously enjoyed the Rapportive app, it’s a bit steep. LinkedIn is offering a free trial demo so you can try it before you buy it.


Facebook slaps some hands

Facebook is finally issuing warnings to Pages abusing the FB Live video platform. For those pages who are going against the TOS and using Facebook live alongside static images and live stream polls that are not true live broadcast. All I can say is it is about damn time Facebook starts to do something about people who misuse these tools. It is kind of annoying when you are always following the rules and others get away with breaking them.



Facebook makes it easy to check into an event.

Facebook now lets you check into an event that is happening on your posts directly in news feed. Simply go like you are posting a regular status update and in the drop-down menu, you will see an option to “tag event” at the bottom. This works the same as tagging a location except only events that are actively happening at that time can be tagged.


Manage posts easily within the Facebook app

Facebook rolled out a new feature in the mobile app that lets you easily manage post and tags. From what I can tell it allows you to sort posts by yours, others or all, add tags and remove tags as well as remove posts altogether.

Follow Instagram Hashtags

Instagram testing the ability to follow a hashtag (like you follow an account). This could come in handy if you want to see more from a field you are interested in. For example, I like to follow social media news so I may follow the hashtag #socialmedianews. It could also be great for brands who have their own hashtag and they want to see what is being curated based on their hashtag within their feed.


Get even more organized on Pinterest

For those of you who are a little OCD about your Pinterest boards, this next piece of news will make your day.Pinterest will now allow you to further organize your boards into sections.  Via tech crunch: “The company today said it is introducing what it’s calling board sections, which gives users a way to slice a bigger idea — like a wedding — into smaller components while sitting on the same board.” https://techcrunch.com/2017/11/09/pinterest-now-lets-you-create-sections-within-your-boards-to-further-tidy-up-ideas/

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