Welcome to social media Saturday Update where I do all the heavy lifting for you and bring you the latest in social media news and updates. Today we have news from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google so let’s dive in!

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Facebook Watch is now rolling out on desktop and mobile

If you have been looking for even more reasons to dump your expensive cable bill, Facebook has added to that list! Facebook has rolled out their Watch, not to be confused with a wrist watch you wear on yourself, to desktop and mobile. I did talk about this update a bit last weekend, but Facebook has now further rolled out the higher quality content as of this week. You can now go in and view produced content by creators who have early access to this service. Facebook has talked for some time now about getting into the produced video game along sides competitors like  YouTube Red, Amazon Prime TV, and Netflix so Watch is the first in its attempt. So far the shows are mixed concerning quality, but there are certainly some gems in there. As Facebook and creators work together to continue to improve and expand on the content in this area, hopefully, we will see better and better content presented. Be aware that some content is adult themed and not at all appropriate for children (But hey children under the age of 13 shouldn’t even be on Facebook, so there is also that.)


Top live tab in Facebook more menu on mobile

Facebook has rolled out an easier way to see what is currently hot and trending in live video RIGHT NOW via mobile. We have had this feature on desktop for some time, but as you know, the majority of users on Facebook are accessing the network via the mobile app. To check this out, you can go to your more menu and scroll most of the way down before you see. Personally, I do not yet see this option, and I JUST updated my app, but I expect to be rolled out over the coming weeks so if finding the trending live videos on Facebook is important for you, it will soon be easier to accomplish.


YouTube Rolls out new layout on desktop and mobile

In an attempt to make YouTube less cluttered they have revamped the layout to make it a more simplified version of its former self. Along with the change is a new logo. Fun fact! Youtube rolled out this new layout as early as last March in beta so many users have already gotten used to the new look and features. If you are dead set on not using the new format there is a way (currently) you can switch back but honestly; I am not going to go into it because the likelihood of Google keeping that option alive for very long is unlikely. But I decided to go ahead and Google that for you here.


Facebook retiring some Ad formats for Boosted ads

Facebook has announced that it is simplifying the boosted ads option (aka boost button on your page) and retiring several ad choices. You should be able to use Ads Manager to do most of these type of ads – Just not in the on page boost

Some of the boosted ad types retiring include:

  • Boosting share of products from shops
  • Boosting the share of a story about a for-sale post
  • Boosting a check-in on a map, at a restaurant, or in a city
  • Boosting the share of a note
  • Boosting the share of a poll

See full list of retired boosted ad options at https://www.facebook.com/business/help/420508368346352


Instagram is rolling out story viewing on desktop.

Additionally, Instagram will allow for story upload on mobile web (but not on the regular desktop web so don’t get too excited). I have a hunch that perhaps Instagram is rolling this out so Facebook can also test it for possible rollout to Facebook stories on Desktop some day? I don’t know, just a guess.


Instagram now allows you to choose between landscape and square when uploading albums.

Before all images in an Instagram album were in the square format but now you can mix and match square and landscape for photos and video in your albums.


Facebook now allows admins to control chat box prompt on their business page.

If you have ventured over to a business page on Facebook recently, you may have seen a message box pop up and prompt you to send said page a private message. Well as a page admin, you now have the option to turn this feature on or off.

To change your settings and turn this feature on or off you can go into your page settings, Messenger settings and scroll to  “prompt visitors to send messages” then select on or off. If you do turn it on be sure you have the means to get back to people quickly otherwise your response score will suffer. To help combat this, I would suggest a chatbot program. My favorite one is called ManyChat which also happens to have a free account.


Google announces that Google assistant will soon be rolled out to more devices!

Google is now working with third-party hardware makers to utilize the Google Assitant technology and make all of our lives easier (if not just a tiny bit more creepy)

Google Assitant has already taught my 4-year-old some Spanish words, so anything else they can do for me is great in my word. “Okay, Google wash these dishes” yes that does have a nice ring to it.


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