Welcome to my social media Saturday update! Today is October 7th, 2017 and as usual, there is a ton of social media news to cover today! My name is Kelly Noble Mirabella, this is business as unusual and on today’s show, I will be talking Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat, and more! Grab your pen and paper, hold on to your headphones and let’s dive in!

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Facebook is testing service provider search

In a continued effort for world domination, Facebook is testing a new b2b service that helps you to search and located service providers and businesses to hire. Some of the search categories include Marketing, Maintenance,  Supplies, and Production. It seems that it is in direct competition to LinkedIn’s Pro Finder Tool but it is yet to be seen if this will roll out site-wide, or if it will be popular on a platform where Facebook seems to be struggling to take on LinkedIn’s professional model.

Facebook confirms roll out of Instagram stories to Facebook Stories

A few weeks ago I reported that Facebook is testing out Instagram stories to Facebook stories feature. Well, it has now been confirmed by Facebook that this feature is official and expected to roll out to all users soon. I have it on one of my accounts but not another. There is still no clear answer on if this is available for Instagram business pages to Facebook stories, as Facebook currently does not allow pages to use the story feature. But if you have seen this integration from an IG business profile to Facebook stories I would love to hear from you! Please send a screengrab to be via Twitter @stellar247

Facebook now allows you to add a shortcut to Facebook stories on your phone’s home screen

Just this morning I found in my own account that Facebook is now giving Facebook story users the option to put their story camera right on their phone’s home screen. This will make it much easier to access the Facebook Story camera and perhaps encourage more users and more regular use of the feature. To see if you have access to this go into your Stories settings.


Facebook is testing letting you manage ticket registration for events within Facebook plus custom scheduling

It seems that Facebook is putting more energy into optimizing and improving their event features. Tests are taking place on several fronts for Facebook events. The first being seen is a Facebook allowing admins to manage ticket registration for events within Facebook without the use of third-party apps like Eventbrite. The second is Facebook giving the ability to do custom schedule which will allow you to schedule more in the future and reparative events with ease. Additionally, they have added the video cover feature to event pages as well, giving event organizers easier ways to showcase the highlights of their events. There is also rumor that Facebook is testing out stories specific for event pages. This will allow attendees to share Facebook stories direct from those events they attend.

Facebook testing out info buttons on articles

Perhaps as another way to combat fake news, Facebook is testing info indicators that users can push to quickly learn more about the publishers of articles being shared in the news feed. According to Facebook “Helping people access this important contextual information can help them evaluate if articles are from a publisher they trust and if the story itself is credible.”
Source: https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2017/10/news-feed-fyi-new-test-to-provide-context-about-articles/

Google introduced my full Christmas list this past week featuring some pretty epic new products

The first up is the Google mini home which will push against competitor Amazon’s Echo Dot. Priced at $49 the mini will be available to ship starting October 19th. Google also induced a larger home called the Google Home Max and a new featured called Broadcast, which allows you to do a broadcast of sorts to all the home devices in your home. For example, if dinner is ready you can say “OK Google, broadcast ‘it’s time for dinner” and the message will go out to all your devices around the home. One of their more exciting product announcements is for the new PixelBook. It’s the next level Chromebook that can act as a computer, tablet and use the keyboard as a kickstand or base. They are also introducing a companion stylus pen for $99. Sounds familiar right? Well if it also seems familiar to you, it may be because, like me, you have had your eye on a Microsoft Surface Pro or an Apple Air. Now I have even more research to do before I take the leap into my next big device. The Pixelbook starts at $999 and starts shipping October 31st. Lastly, I wanted to share probably one of the coolest things Google announce, the Google Pixel Buds. These earphones can connect directly to Google Assistant (perfect for people who like to boss other’s around like me) plus it can translate 40 different languages instantly. These earbuds will go for $159 and start shipping in November.

Sources: https://techcrunch.com/gallery/heres-everything-google-announced-today/slide/12/

LinkedIn Tests Geofilters and Overlays for Events and Conferences

Linkedin is taking a cue from Snapchat and integrating geo filters and overlays for those people attending events and checking in via LinkedIn. According to Peter Roybal, LinkedIn’s product manager for video, video content is shared 20x more than any other type of content on the platform. (Souce: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/social-business/linkedins-adding-snapchat-geofilters-conferences-and-events) I personally question whether or not the LinkedIn userbase will utilize this tool but it is great to see LinkedIn finally trying to come into the times. It must be getting pretty lame being the boring buttoned up older dude at the social media party…

LinkedIn to launch Talent Insights, a new analytics tool, as it dives deeper into data

LinkedIn is launching Talent Insights as part of its efforts to help recruiters find and place top talent. Recruiting is one of the ways LinkedIn makes it’s money so it comes as little surprise they are continuing to bring tools to help those power partners. According to Eric Owski, LinkedIn’s head of product for talent insights, this will be a paid product but the pricing will not be announced until the product is made generally available in 2018.
Source: https://techcrunch.com/2017/10/04/linkedin-to-launch-talent-insights-a-new-analytics-tool-as-it-dives-deeper-into-data/

Snapchat comes to desktop…Well, kind of

Snapchat teams up with Google and will be featuring a desktop version of the app on Google’s new Pixelbook. “We’re thrilled to announce that the Snap team is working with us to bring an amazing Snapchat experience to the larger screen on Pixelbook,” Google hardware exec Matt Vokoun said during a press conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. Up until this announcement, Snapchat has only been available via mobile devices on the Android and iOS systems.
Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/snapchat-is-making-its-first-laptop-app-for-new-google-pixelbook-2017-10?r=UK&IR=T

In other Snapchat news not really worth reporting, Snapchat considering facial recognition and bitmoji http://mashable.com/2017/10/05/snapchat-patent-facial-recognition-bitmoji/

Plus Snapchat Launches Augmented Reality Art Installations

If you want to dig deeper into these Snapchat features check out my show notes on my blog for links to articles.

Happy 7th birthday Instagram

Instagram celebrates their birthday with new filters and new features.

Instagram adds polls

I am sure you have heard by now that Instagram has released a poll option in stories. To access this feature simply go into your story stickers and click on polls. I have seen a few ways that people and businesses have used these features. One example in the real estate industry that I thought was clever was an agent who showed some beautiful interior photos of a home for about 3 stories then gave a poll that said: “Live or not live”. The key to new features like this is to 1. Try it out and test it for yourself and 2. Think outside the box. Have you tried the polls feature yet?

Instagram custom color dropper

Instagram adds color dropper option in Stories so you can get that exact color you want. To access this feature you go into the writing feature in stories and click on the dropper then scroll it around your screen until you find the color you wish to match.

Shopify and Instagram Team Up

Instagram and Shopify team up to allow some merchants to sell directly on IG via a post. Originally only tested with a small group of merchants, it appears that Shopify will be rolling this out to most of their user base before the holiday season. This shopping feature allows tagging of products that are available for sale and then letting users purchase them directly within the app.

Shopify rolling out Instagram shopping feature to thousands of merchants


And finally, it is the end of an era. After 20 years the OG of instant messenger, AIM has
AOL’s AIM, shuts down. https://techcrunch.com/2017/10/06/aol-instant-messenger-shut-down/

And there you have it folks, your social media news, rumors, and updates are on the books! I would love to hear from you! If you are listening via Anchor please comment or call in with your thoughts and questions. If you are listening via my podcast send me a message on Facebook or tweet me @stellar247. You can access my messenger as well as the other ways to connect with me over on my website at www.stellar247.com. If you are listening via my podcast and you enjoy what you hear please consider giving me a 5-star review on iTunes. Nothing would give me more joy and make my day than your kind words. As always I want to thank you for tuning in and have a stellar day!

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