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Facebook is testing the ability to push Instagram stories straight over to Facebook Stories.

This will help content creators to save time and perhaps encourage more content creators to utilize both story features and gain more visibility. Certainly, now that Facebook is showcasing the most recent stories on a desktop, this will drive more branding opportunities for users. Keep in mind there is no official word on this feature, and it is apparently being tested with a tiny group of users. 

Instagram expanding the 24-hour stories publishing window to one week

In a move to compete with Snapchat’s memories feature, Instagram is now rolling out an option to allow stories to be shared that are more than 24 hours old on your mobile device. To be exact one week. This may not seem like a huge change, but for people like me who manage the social media for several people AND maintain a content calendar for myself, this is a small change that will make a significant impact in posting to stores that are not made right off the cuff.


Facebook wants to connect people over common interest:

Long gone are the days of finding new people on facebook by the friends of friends option alone. Now Facebook helps you dive even deeper into how much a shared connection has in common with you. According to TechCrunch “This option digs deeper, showing you events that you both attended, pages you both like, places you’ve both worked or lived.”


Facebook Tests Colorful Backgrounds for Comments

Another interesting test Facebook is playing with is the ability to leave color backgrounds for comments. Similar to the color selection for timeline post, this would allow you to choose the color background for your comments and replies. I am not sure how I feel about all the color, but from what I have seen in screenshots it may not be as hectic as I initially imagined.


Facebook rolls out rounded profile and page photos

Facebook is transitioning all profiles and pages to the rounded profile image. Be sure that your page image looks good inside of a circle as opposed to the square you see now.


Google Makes it easier for local businesses to update their business listings.

You can now update and add to your Google business listing straight from the Google search results feed. Just log in to your google account where your businesses are under and go to search your company name. Once your listing comes up you will have the option to add updates, photos and edit your listing. This is a great opportunity also to announce upcoming events and promotions.


WhatsApp announces new tools for businesses

If you have ever wondered how WhatsApp will eventually monetize their platform, wonder no longer. 

WhatsApp is rolling out tools for businesses. Making it even easier for customers and businesses to communicate as well as allowing companies to send information such as shipping, flight times, delivery times and other such updates. Verified accounts for businesses started rolling out last week. Verified pages are noted with a green check mark. WhatsApp told TechCrunch “Businesses will only be able to contact people who have provided their phone number and agreed to be contacted by the business over WhatsApp.” They also mentioned that while the business solutions are starting out free, they will eventually charge for them.


Snapchat expands geo-filter creation tools

UK, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland now have the ability to create custom geo-filters through Snapchat Creative Studio. The USA had this featured released to them back in June. Will you try to create your own geo-filter?


Alexa has created skills specifically for minors

Parents can opt into new skills that will keep their children entertained! Once you opt in you can turn on such skills as Sesame Street where you can play hide and seek with Elmo. I am sure my four-year-old will be thrilled!


Tinder hits the top of the app store charts

For all you tinder users (or online daters), you may find this next bit of news interesting. Tinder has hit top marks for its mobile app for the first time in the app store. Now at number one, the success could be due to its new premium features recently rolled out that help users see who has liked them without the effort of swiping.


Twitter goes dark

If you prefer to be dark and mysterious, you can now translate that to your twitter profile. Twitter now allows you to choose between a light mode (what we are all used to now) and a night mode. Night mode makes it easier to surf around twitter without straining your eyes, plus dark is much more slimming.