Per usual the social media world is on fire. Speeding 1000 MPH down the information highway and damn is it hard to keep up. Don’t sweat it. I have your back! It is Saturday, which means it is Social Media Saturday Update day! The day I bring you the latest and greatest in social media news, test and updates so you can stay in the know then get back to your weekend. Today we are going to cover a TON of Facebook tests, updates, and news, but I also have news from Instagram.

(If you have not seen the Wednesday update be sure to check that out for even more breaking social media news from this week – http://stellar247.media/midweek920) 

Facebook WhatsApp Integration

Facebook is testing a new WhatsApp button right inside the main Facebook app. Android users have reported seeing a WhatsApp shortcut directly in the Facebook app. Since Facebook owns WhatsApp, this does not come as too much of surprise to me. I have also seen integration with Instagram and WhatsApp from earlier this year that allows people to share Instagram images directly into WhatsApp messages. I find this all very handy as I recently just started using WhatsApp myself thanks to Anchors own Simon Says. Are you a WhatsApp user? What do you think about these integrations?

Source: https://t.co/7xG6x6vSX5

Masks for Instagram Live

For those of you who enjoy going live on Instagram via stories, this next update is for you! Instagram rolls out face filters for live video. So now you can go live as a dog, a cat or an ice queen to name a few. Sorry to those of you who are so over the mask trend, they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.
What is your favorite face filter on Instagram? I am partial to the supermodel airbrush one that makes me look like I don’t have kids waking me up every morning at 6 am and magically transforms me into a fully makeuped model.

Facebook Tests Mute Function In Groups

Facebook testing mute function for group members. Last week I reported that Facebook is testing the ability to mute your friends for a short period of time. Now they are taking the test a bit further and testing this feature with Group members and admins. Now instead of banning unruly group members from your group, you can just put them in timeout. I love this idea and hope it gets the green light to go network-wide.

Choose Your Own Video Frames in Facebook

Facebook is rolling out a new update that will allow you to choose any frame to be your cover on a video. YAY! No longer will we have to pick between the 10 awkward images Facebook gives you or having to upload a custom cover. I have yet to get this update myself but I look forward to getting it if it does get the okay!

New Way to DM in Instagram

Instagram adds a new way to DM by adding text over images. It appears this is currently only available on Android. Basically, you go into DM someone, type in your message first then click on the camera icon on the left. You can change the overlay color and snap a photo. once you do the text and image will be delivered. Not really sure how helpful this is but hey you do you and get all creative with it.

Source: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/social-networks/instagrams-added-new-way-reply-dms-text-overlaid-image

Create Similar Ad in Facebook

Facebook experimenting with a ‘Create Similar Ad’ feature for brand managers. If you see an add in the newsfeed that you want to replicate with your marketing, you may have the option in the drop-down to create a similar ad. Not available to everyone but for some, this has been available for some time. A fascinating feature that could be used to figure out what your competition is up to on the backend of Facebook ads. I hope to get this feature soon so I can try it out for myself, but for now, I hear it is pretty limited.


See Ads From The Past in Facebook

Facebook now lets you see the ads you have seen or engaged on in the past. Only currently available in the USA. This is positive for users because it allows you to go back and see the ads you might want to go back and see again. For example, if you saw an ad and you were not in a place to act on it but might want to go back and learn more or buy later. This would be obviously helpful for advertisers because it gives ads a second life. This feature can be found in your main menu if you have access to it.

Autoplay Video with Sound in Instagram

Instagram now autoplay videos with sound on once turned on until you close the app. If you don’t want this feature, you will have to avoid turning any video sounds on or simply exit out of the app which resents the sound to off. Learn more:

Source: https://techcrunch.com/2017/09/16/%e2%80%aainstagram-now-autoplays-video-sound-once-turned-on-until-you-close-the-app/

Saudia Arabia lifts its ban on communications tools

Saudia Arabia lifts its ban on communications tools such as Skype, Whatsapp and the like. The internet and VoIP calling ban was put into place in 2013 and blocked the download (and supposed use) of communication apps. According to my mom who lives in Saudi Arabia, they have been able to use apps like Skype and WhatsApp but only if the apps were already downloaded to the device. The ban made it impossible for you to download the apps in the country.


Did You Know

Did you know that Facebook has a QR reader right in their Facebook app? You can read any QR code plus you can access your Facebook profile QR code and share it with others. Further Fun Fact – Twitter ALSO has a built-in QR Code reader and profile QR Code for every Twitter user. See, Snapchat is not the only network that uses QR codes. These are not new features, but I thought it would be fun to share some hidden tricks inside the social networks.

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