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Hey there listeners and welcome to Social Media Saturday Update! This is your place to get all your social media news, rumor and updates quickly and efficiently so you can get informed then get back to your weekend. In today’s episode, we have a myriad of fun rollouts from Facebook, Instagram changes things up with ads, WhatsApp makes it easy to get paid and more! My name is Kelly Noble Mirabella, This is Business as Unusual. Let’s dig in!


Facebook Explore Feed On Desktop

Facebook recently rolled out the explore feed to the desktop. My husband will certainly rejoice to this news as the explore tab is admittedly his favorite part of Facebook these days. He says he loves the content that Facebook curates for him and enjoys discovering new things. Maybe you will too! If you are on an android device you have had this feature for some time but desktop users can now access the explore tab in their left side menu. This is a feed of content from people who currently do not follow that Facebook recommends based on what you interact with the most. I personally do not care for the feature and find that the content is generally not relevant to me and my preferences so as you can tell, our household is split on how excited this news is. One thing is for sure if you are a page admin you are not going to like the rumor I heard over on Twitter about this little roll out. Word on the street is this will be the feed where not only new suggested content will be but also content from pages you follow (this last part is being tested in select cities in Europe) if this rumor deems true, page admins will not be so happy. This would mean that the main feed would be reserved for friends and sponsored ads, while the explore feed would be for pages you follow and suggested content. Again this last part is just hearsay at this point, but light a candle for us page admins would you.


Video quality is getting a boost

Facebook finally lets you select 1080p and 4K streams for video (not just on 360 video) which means I can finally make sure of that 4k camera I have when creating content! This move makes sense considering Facebook is making a big push into higher quality video production and content.


Facebook live updates

You may have already heard the news that Facebook now allows you to do screen sharing while Live via desktop. The catch here is you have to choose either on camera or screen sharing and you cannot switch back and forth in a single broadcast. Facebook still seems to be a little behind the curve on this front as so many 3rd party sites allow for screen sharing already with much nicer features. I personally use Belive.tv and am a big fan of all the features that make live broadcast on Facebook so much better than native tools.

Another recent update to Facebook live, Facebook now allows both pages and profiles to schedule lives without having to use an API. There is still some rollout going on here but this will make scheduling upcoming broadcast so much easier without having to use 3rd party tools and vendors.


PayPal Gets You Paid on Messenger

Facebook and Paypal team up so that now you can send and receive money securely via PayPal within Facebook Messenger. According to The Next Web: “The feature is currently only active for iOS users in the US, but will arrive on Android ‘soon.’ No word on when it might arrive on the desktop or for other regions, but we imagine it’s just a matter of time.” Read More at https://thenextweb.com/facebook/2017/10/20/facebook-messenger-teams-paypal-payments/

Facebook Rolling Out Sets

Also new with Facebook, Facebook is testing a “Sets” feature. This feature will allow you to curate your posts, photos, and videos into sets and share them with specific people in that set. Basically, it is the love child of a group and a list.

Facebook Tests New Ad Targeting Options

Facebook testing out 2 new Facebook ad targeting options

  • Dwell Time – Create a list of people who have spent time viewing your display adverts on Facebook or Instagram
  • Link Sharing – Create an audience based on people who have shared your content on Facebook

Neither of these ad options are confirmed by Facebook at this time.


See what you have in common with Facebook friends

And in case you were wondering who all these people are that you are friends with on Facebook, Facebook now shows you what you have in common with your friends. From your profile just under the friend’s section, you will see a blue button that you can push and it will allow you to scroll through and see all the things you have in common with your connections. This is a great feature for those people who have tons of time on their hands. Ahem…Not me.


Facebook acquires Anonymous Teen App TBH

Facebook looks to capture younger users with the acquisition of the app TBH. TBH is popular among preteens and unlike other Anonymous peer apps on the market, it focuses on lifting up and giving positive feedback to young people and their friends. This is a great move by Facebook since they struggle to capture the attention of younger demographics and is one of the larger purchases they have made since Instagram.


Instagram updates the way call to actions look on Instagram ads

Instagram has made some design changes to the call to action button for ads in the IG feed. To keep with the aesthetics of the Instagram feed, call to action buttons will not be matched with the dominant color in an Instagram ad. So if the ad is primarily blue the button will be that majority blue shade. The pro to this is the newsfeed will continue to look great, the con is that advertisers’ call to action buttons will blend in more with the photo and could see a drop in click-throughs.


WhatsApp rolls out live location sharing feature

For those of you using WhatsApp this new live location sharing feature is a great way to easily help your friends and connections find you. If gives you control of who you share your location with and can be time sensitive allowing you to only share the location for a short amount of time (i.e. 15 minutes, 1 hour etc). I can see this as really helpful for family vacations to places like Disneyland when your party split off and then want to meet back up or when you are visiting out of town friends and wanting to meet up somewhere.


LinkedIn possibly rolling out native video for company pages

Rumor has it that LinkedIn will soon be rolling out native video for company pages. This would not be a surprising move and I believe that page managers should be prepared to pounce when it does happen. In the case of video, the early bird gets the worm. The question is, will that be enough to save the desert wasteland that is LinkedIn company pages? Only time will tell.


Pinterest expands search ads to all business in the Pinterest Ad Manager

Pinterest has finally rolled expanded their search ad options to all businesses in the self-serve ad platform  Pinterest Ad Manager. Previously this ad option was only available to Pinterest partners. So now businesses of all sizes and budgets can participate in this ad format on the platform. Read more at https://techcrunch.com/2017/10/18/pinterest-opens-up-search-advertising-in-its-ads-manager/

Whew! And that is some of the main things that dropped this week!

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