Welcome to my social media Saturday update! Today is September 30th, 2017 and boy is there a ton of social media news to cover today! My name is Kelly Noble Mirabella, this is business as unusual and on today’s show I will be talking Facebook, Twitter, Google, Anchor, and more! Grab your pen and paper, hold on to your headphones and let’s dive in!

Twitter testing 280 characters

By now I am sure you have heard the news that Twitter is testing 280 characters for some users. The discussion over what is better seems to pit old-school Twitter users against newer users who prefer more space. Interestingly enough Twitter’s own data suggest that 140 characters perform better but to appease a growing population of users who want more, not to mention lackluster growth numbers Twitter is out to shake things up. If you listen to my podcast or follow me on Facebook you already know I am not super fond of the 280 character idea but that does not mean I am the majority. I would love to hear from you! What do you think of the change and if you do let me know also comment on how long you have used the network. I would be interested to know if that factors into your preference.

Facebook Tests WhatsApp Ads

In unsurprising Facebook news, Facebook is testing out ad options for WhatsApp similar to those for Messenger. According to the ad language “When a person clicks on your ad, a conversation with your business will open in WhatsApp. Your ad will be shown to people more likely to open WhatsApp.

Facebook Tests Facial Recognition

Facebook working on a facial recognition feature to help secure your account. According to TechCrunch “If you get locked out of your Facebook account, the company is testing a way to regain access by using your face to verify your identity.” Facebook stated that this would only be available for accessing accounts from devices that you have previously used to access those accounts.

Tweetdeck Now Allows Native Video Upload

Social media managers rejoice, now you can upload and send tweets with video via Tweetdeck. Skip going into the native app and get the job done!

Facebook Allows Admins to Personalize Page Invite

I broke this new feature this week and shared it with my friends over at Social Media Examiner, Facebook has added the ability to add a personalized note when admins invite connections to like their page. Previously admins could invite friends to like their page but no custom note was available. If you are a group admin, similar personalized note features have been available for a while now. Just note that these invites come from the person doing the inviting and NOT from the page.

Snapchat Celebrates 6 Years

Snapchat rolled out new sky filters this past week, nearly convincing me to get back on Snapchat because they are so beautiful. The filters are designed to detect the sky in your photos and allow you to change up the appearance. All apart of a way to celebrate Snapchat’s 6th birthday. So happy birthday Snapchat!

Amazon Had a Busy Week

In tech news, Amazon was busy this week when they unveiled 6 new Alexa powered Echo devices. Most notably the Echo Spot which is like a smaller version of the Echo Show in that it has a display screen, built-in camera and can make calls. (although I am pretty sure all echo devices can make calls, the dot and the show can make video calls which is pretty cool when you have little kids who want to talk to grandma and grandpa.)

In other Amazon news, users of the Echo Show will no longer be able to access YouTube as Google has pulled support for the app. Not entirely surprising being that Amazon is a competitor, but both companies claim they are working it out and hopefully will come to an agreement for the good of the end user.

Anchor FM Takes Huge Strides Towards Growing Their Business

Anchor has secured 10 million in funding led by GV (Google Ventures), bringing its total raised to about $15 million. GV, formerly Google Ventures, is the venture capital investment arm of Alphabet Inc (AKA Google). According to CEO and co-founder of Anchor, Michael Mignano, Anchor is working on a plan that would allow both the startup and its creators to make money from the content. I for one am very interested to see how the app expands and grows with their first round of large seed money. Hold on Anchor users, I think we are about to see a boom.

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