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My name is Kelly Noble Mirabella, this is business as Unusual, and if you know a REALTOR who can use some help with the why and how of live broadcasting for your real estate business this is the topic for you. Today’s episode is brought to you by Dirt Cheap Printing. I gotta say, guys, I was pretty excited to read all the stellar reviews for this printing company after so many bad prints from places like Vistaprint. Not only does Dirt Cheap have great pricing and fast turn around but the customer service is awesome. If you have printing needs, you won’t be disappointed. Learn more at https://www.printdirtcheap.com. By the way, I will be doing an episode soon talking about ways you can integrate your print marketing with your social media for a more effective campaign overall.

Okay, now onto the show! Let’s start with a call in from listener and my girl Miss. Ileane.

(If you are not listening to the podcast basically Ms. Ileane asked if I knew of any REALTORS who were doing great things on Instagram, Facebook, and especially on Facebook live)

Great question Miss. Ileane. There are a great deal of amazing social media rock stars in the real estate space. For Instagram, I am in love with Nicole Mackie’s account @iorlandorealestate. I met Nicole a few years ago when we were both Inman Connect ambassadors. Not only is Nicole fantastic at Instagram but she is one of the nicest people you will meet (which shows in how she engages on IG) Check her out at https://www.instagram.com/iorlandorealestate. I am also fond of Jill Boudreau out of Wellesley MA. Jill has a fun use of emojis and I like the mix of images she uses on her account. Check out Jill’s account at  https://www.instagram.com/jillaboudreau/.


For Facebook, my all-time favorite account to follow is The Boutique Real Estate Group. They take storytelling to the next level with their luxury real estate marketing. From magazine quality interior shots to video vignettes that sell you on lifestyle, the Boutique understands that selling people on the full experience of where they are buying is truly important. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE The Malibu Life but if I was being honest I would actually say I love what Madison Hildebrand is doing. Okay, I know, totally unfair to list the reality star of Million Dollar Listing LA, but really he is doing great things. His mix of personal stories and luxury branding meld well together and despite all the pretty photos and glam you can tell the guy is really down to earth. Which is true, because I have met him and he is wonderful!


As for live broadcasting, well I have been disappointed for the most part. After being asked by Ileane I started to think, there really are not that many real estate agents that I am seeing that are utilizing Facebook live and other live broadcasting tools to their advantage. I do see some agents in my inner circle testing the waters with great success, people like Susie Nelson Crowley out in Tampa Fl who does a weekly live broadcast called “what’s up Wednesday” talking about what is happening around her area that week and weekend. Also, Brian McKenna (Generation Now) who is a REALTOR trainer and recruiter for Berkshire Hathaway in New York Brian has started a weekly live broadcast on his personal profile where he tries to inspire, motivate and uplift people for 10 minutes. He has been doing it for a couple of months now and has seen great benefits from being recognized by total strangers as well as receiving private messages from people telling him how they have touched their lives. But apart from the few who are giving it a go, so much more not even trying, or perhaps did one live broadcast ever then gave up. So today I am going to talk to you about ways REALTORS can utilize live broadcasting for their business. But before we begin, full disclosure, those two agents doing Facebook live are my consulting clients and I am thrilled to see them pushing forward and start to see success with Live Broadcasting.


Why you would want to live broadcast as a REALTOR

Okay, let’s start with the why, because let’s be real if I don’t give you a good enough reason most of you will never take the time to go live on a consistent basis.

  1. You would be in the minority which makes you stand out. This is good for so many reasons! It is great for your personal brand, it makes your listings and you stand out from a sea of other agents. As Tom Ferry says, Real Estate is a video first industry and there is no easier way to get video out there than going live. No editing, no fancy equipment needed, no extra time. Live videos can be spontaneous or semi-scripted. Either way, it is a branding powerhouse for any REALTOR who takes the leap.
  2. Going live on Facebook will grow your reach by leaps and bounds. If you have found that your posts are not getting very far on your Facebook page (or even your profile) then you will be pleased to know that Facebook Live can help break the barrier and grow your reach! With higher reach comes more engagement, more growth, more people wanting to work with you.
  3. There is no business that can benefit more from a know like trust strategy than Real Estate. With so much competition (both in the industry and FSBO) Agents are spending thousands of dollars each year to market themselves and their listings. Well, Facebook live expedites the relationship building and keeps you top of mind. So when someone is ready to hire a REALTOR you ideally will be the one they think of first.
  4. There are many more reasons why live broadcasting is an exceptional tool for REALTORS but I have a lot more to cover so just take my word for it, if you are in real estate you NEED a live video strategy.


What to broadcast about (ideas)

Local Expert

One of the best things an agent can do for their brand and their business is to position themselves as the local expert. There are so many fabulous ways you can do this with live video. Talk about local events, interview local businesses and residents, show and tell area attractions, parks and fun activities that are unique to your area. Being the local expert allows you to share your knowledge without coming off as always pitching and pushing a listing. People choose a REALTOR based off of their knowledge of the market, how well they sell, trust, and how well they know the community the home is in.


If you do have a listing coming up in a specific neighborhood, may I suggest you do a series of live broadcast leading up to your live on the market day? Talk about the neighborhood benefits, parks, trails, local shops and restaurants, schools… all leading up to your listing. Remember people buy more than just a home, they buy a lifestyle. They want to know about the fabulous community they are thinking of moving into.


Behind the scenes

Why do you think that shows like Million Dollar Listing and fix and flip are so popular? People love to see the behind the scenes. Give people an insider’s look at what it is like to be a REALTOR. Let them see the amount of hard work you put into helping your clients. Interview your customers and share testimonials. Be professional but also be personable and have fun. Why do you love what you do? Let that show.


Open House Tour

If you have a home that is going to be coming to the market soon consider a pre-market sneak peek. Give some highlights and let people know why they can contact you to be the first to get a showing. Build that anticipation and excitement around your listing. Be sure to check the local laws of the land before pre-marketing your listings. Some local associations frown on pre-marketing.


If you are hosting an open house consider using the first 10 minutes (when it is typically slow anyway) to share some highlights of the home and give a quick tour. Invite people to come out to visit you at the open house as well as let them know they can contact you for a private showing.


All of these extras you do for your listing clients are big benefits for homeowners looking to sell fast. Add these items to your marketing packet when you are courting a new listing client and you may find you will stand out from other agents they are considering.


Where to broadcast

You have four places you can live broadcast to on Facebook:

    • Business Page
    • Personal Profile
    • Private Group
    • Event Page

My suggestion is to mix it up. Every place will have a different strategy. Profiles may get far more engagement initially but pages will benefit most from a live broadcast plus you can uses ads on the broadcast from a page once you are done.


What equipment do you need

There are all kinds of things you can invest in for your live broadcasting journey. I personally own several light kits, a light ring, a couple of mics and several tripods. But when you are just getting started you really just need your phone and the Facebook app as well as the Facebook pages app. Get started with the basics and continue to improve as you work your way through how you want to use these tools. If you are looking for initial things that will instantly improve your videos, I would recommend a lapel mic, which you can pick up for less than $20 and possibly a clip on ring light, also less than $20. Tripods are always a good idea if you plan on sitting and doing more of a talk show style broadcast or if you are going to be interviewing people.


Here are some links for some of my favorite starter products (Full disclosure NONE of these are affiliate links)

Super inexpensive lapel mic (that I use all the dang time)

Next level Mic that will be my very next investment

Amazing little tripod adapter that will allow you to use your phone with ANY tripod (even a cheap one from OfficeMax)

Bigger investment light ring kit with tripod that I LOVE

Super inexpensive light kit that takes up a lot of space but gives excellent lighting

Dirt cheap selfie ring light perfect for on the go

Tripods: Basically if you use the tripod adapter I mention above it does not matter, otherwise ANYTHING from Arkon Mounts is best. They have a tripod for every need. Also anything you see on Arkon’s site that you may like you can use promo code “perigirls” and get 20% off thanks to my friend and founder of the Perigirls Joanne Pham!

Best practices and pro tips

Ah, man, have we covered a TON today. But let me end by offering up a couple of bonus pro tips. When you go live be sure your connection is good. If you don’t have strong wifi you can use 4G (no less) data. Just keep in mind this will suck up your data plan. Be sure to use a call to action when you are live. Whether that is simply asking people to comment on the video, asking them to subscribe to an email or have them contact you for a showing, you should never let the opportunity to slip by to create action.

Lastly be sure to share and repurpose your videos when you are done. If you are going live from your page you may find that no one shows up for a while. This is not a big deal so don’t give up too soon. Instead use the video to share to your other social networks, download it and add it to YouTube, embed it into a blog or if appropriate a listing page. The power of a live video does not end when you are done going live. And while we are at it, stay consistent and stick with it. I have seen too many people give up right before it gets good. Push through and you will see why live broadcasting is awesome for your real estate business. This is a longer timeframe strategy but the rewards are far larger in brand equity.

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