Because social media never sleeps and you can’t wait until my Saturday social media update, I give you the midweek rollout! Find out what’s is new and being tested in the social media world and stay in the know. Today I am sharing updates from Facebook and Instagram. You will probably always be hearing more tests and updates from Facebook over any other social network because Facebook is ALWAYS testing something new.

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1. Facebook is rolling out integration with Instagram directly in the Facebook. Now some users (including myself for like a minute until it disappeared)  can access Instagram directly from the Facebook app. I have seen this in two places on the Facebook mobile app, both appearing in the hamburger menu list. The first and probably more common is under the explore you will see Instagram. If you click on that it will take you to your Instagram account. The second, and newer feature comes in right at the top under your profile name and above (or below) your business pages. This shows more ways Facebook is trying to make the connection between Instagram and Facebook seamless and easy. Read more about it at http://stellar247.media/FBIG

2. Facebook is now offering an ad targeting option to target people based on their offline activities. Not an entirely new feature as it was available in many forms both in ads manager and in power editor, but more and more people will notice this feature as Facebook merges ads manager and power editor. These activities can be based on logging into wifi via Facebook, email addresses, loyalty card data, phone numbers, etc. With the easier to find ad option, I am sure more and more brick and mortar businesses will be interested in using Facebook ads. As a side note, this is nothing new in the marketing and advertising world. Direct mail is the perfect example of this type of targeting.


3. As I reported some time ago, Facebook has discontinued the Groups app. However, I just spotted in my mobile app today, which I updated yesterday, that Facebook is rolling out a groups tab in the top tabs on the mobile app. I LOVE this rollout, and I am delighted to be one of the first to get it as I am always accessing my groups and the groups I am apart of so this just makes my life easier. Do you have this feature yet?

Facebook Groups Tab

4. Facebook is testing the ability for Business Pages to do polls. Something we had way back in the day, I would personally love to see this feature brought back. Made even more interesting about this test is they seem to be allowing some pages to do polls with GIFS. Time will tell if this gets a full rollout, but for now, we will wait and watch.

Those are your midweek social media updates and rollouts. Be sure to subscribe, favorite and stay tuned as I bring you the full social media news and updates on Saturday. In the meantime, if you are listening on Anchor call in and tell me your thoughts or if you have any questions let me know. If you are listening via my podcast, you can always reach me via Facebook Messenger at m.me/stellar247. Also if you are listening on iTunes or Google Play and you enjoy the show remember there is no better gift or compliment than a 5-star review. Thanks for listening and have a stellar day!