The topic of Facebook page reach and engagement is always a hot topic for businesses. I thought I would take some time today and share with you some of the things I am doing on my Facebook page, as well as my client’s pages, that have been shown to be extremely effective! If you implement at least some of these strategies you are sure to see your Facebook Business Page reach grow. 

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Are you ready to go from 2% to over 30% reach?

While most business pages on Facebook are seeing reach drop and hover around 1-6%, I am seeing mine grow. Right now I am seeing reach around 15-30% and my clients range from 20% to 200% ORGANIC REACH. Now I can tell you my numbers have fluctuated both on my own page and my client’s page. There is always a bit of trial and error when it comes to the best type of content and timing for each page.

A lot of people will tell you to only post a certain way or a certain amount.  I will nearly always tell you that you must do some testing for yourself. That being said, across all of the pages I manage the following are strategies that work. These strategies have been a pivotal part of growing our reach, interactions and web traffic.


ْFacebook Live video

I am seeing a great deal more reach and engagement when I use Facebook live on my page. The last non-boosted live video I shared had a 33% reach! Even if you do not see viewers when you are live, the video reach will continue to grow after the fact. Facebook Live video is currently the number one thing I attribute to my growing numbers. But if that is not enough evidence for you consider this.

I have a client that back in January 2017 started to go live every Monday for about 5-10 minutes. Every single Monday She went live with valuable and education based content. After 2 months of going live she took a break for 2 weeks. She did not think it was working, so she stopped. In that 2 weeks she had people send her messages, write comments and even mention to her at her office that they missed her live broadcast. The following week we were back at it. I now go to her office every Monday to help her go live.

Now she enjoys reach over 50% on the low end but more often than not it is well above 100%. We very rarely do any kind of ads on her content. When we do it is only on posts that are already getting 50% or above reach. Also, we generally only spend $5-10 for an engagement ad.


Native video

I have recently added native video back into the regular rotation with amazing results. On pages where reach was below 20% a native video post gave us reach spreads between 30% and 2267%. You heard that last number right. We had a native video go mini viral on one of my client’s page’s. The video received a reach over 2,267% organically.

You may be wondering what kind of video we used for such a crazy amount of reach. Well, last week in my tools to grow your business blog post, I shared a tool called Lumen5. This tool is currently free as it is in beta. It allows you to take blogs you already have on site and turn them into short text based video. This tool is dead easy. Furthermore, every page I manage has enjoyed a spike in reach and engagement since using this tool. If you want more tips on how to use Lumen5 check out my posts titled “Tools to Grow Your Business”.


Boosting post when it makes sense

Not all posts should be boosted. In fact I would typically recommend a regular boosted ad via the ads manager OVER a boost on page. However if the right elements come together, it can equal big results. I boosted a live video I did that was already seeing great reach and the results have been HUGE.

The key to a boosted ad is the post should already be seeing a decent amount of traction. Also, I recommend you use custom audiences here. I always recommend that you set up custom audiences in the ad manager BEFORE you boost anything. I will be talking about custom audiences next week on my podcast so be sure to follow my podcast HERE.


Bring the Value

If you go to my page you will see I am giving some great value. There is very little promotional stuff. Mostly how tos that are quick and helpful. When people interact with your post because they enjoy the content, Facebook will release it to more of your audience. That is why it is important that we share high value content. 

Sharing to Groups

I have a growing group of about 1100 people that I share my most valued posts to. So let’s say I create a how to video. I will post it on my Facebook business page, and then I will share it in my group. This should only be done when it makes sense and brings value to the community. This allows your post to be seen by people who may not have seen it if they were on your page.  I also find that the people in my group are far more engaged in what I offer so I get a great boost from sharing this way.

Keep people ON FACEBOOK (most of the time)

Yes, you want to get traffic to content on your website.  Trouble is, If you want to see more reach and higher engagement, you need to post content that keeps people ON Facebook. Facebook wants you to keep people on Facebook so they will give priority to post that do this. This is not to say you should never link out. Actually I strongly believe you should NEVER rely on one kind of content type. So mix it up and feel free to share out to your blog or other outside sources. Just don’t do it all the time. Also, do make sure the website you are directly people to is fast and mobile friendly. Otherwise you will be doing more harm to your Facebook Business Page reach than good.

I hope this helps those of you looking for more reach. Please let me know if you have any questions!