Today I was joined by Eddie Garrison with Clover Media Consulting on my Facebook live show to share some ways we are helping our clients get organic reach and engagement on their Facebook pages.A lot of people are freaking out over the changes that Facebook is making to the algorithm and how it will affect their Facebook engagement and reach. Some coining the change as Facebook Apaocolyps or Facebook Zero., and while so many are freaking out over these changes marketing pros like Eddie and I are not at all worried. We are already seeing high engagement rates for ourselves and our clients and suspect we will continue to see these numbers. Join the broadcast and watch (or listen via my podcast) as we spill the beans on what works no matter what Facebook throws at us.

The first thing Eddie and I discussed was some real-world examples of the numbers we are seeing. Here is the post that I reference in the broadcast and the screenshots of our numbers. Remember everything is ORGANIC with no paid boosts or ads.

Now let’s break down our tips from today’s broadcasts:


Whether you are using the built-in native poll feature available to all pages and profiles (be sure to try out the gifs while you are at it) or you are using images or even video – Polling your audience and giving them the ability to have a voice is a win. We give a couple of examples of this in our broadcast so be sure to tune in.

Super Short Videos

I am a big fan of doing very short videos of 30 seconds or less with a simple question. I give a specific example in the broadcast but short easily consumable videos are a win. Plus when super short (under 15 seconds) you can use them in stories on Facebook and Instagram.

Live Video

Live video gets 25% more engagement than any other content type of Facebook. Facebook live continues to be one of the most important tools for breaking through the noise and get engagement on Facebook.

Using Ads When Appropriate

Ads cost less, convert more and overall perform better when they are done on content that is already getting good engagement. I would never recommend using the boost button unless the content is already doing well.

Animations and posts that have movement

Clean thumb stopping graphics, gifs, and videos that use a strong yet simple call to actions. Here is an example:

Get in front of the camera

Integrate your clients (if you manage them) OR yourself into your marketing. Whether you are using recorded video, live video, stories or visual posts you need to bring the human touch to your social media. Get in front of the camera and build that personal brand.

QUICK TIP: Clean your lens on your phone before you record, go live or take a photo. 

STELLAR RESOURCE: Buy a tapestry to use as a backdrop for your videos. I love Society6

Engagement Cycles

Go back and engage with everyone who comments on your content. Ask them questions and share additional resources that may be helpful to them. This is especially useful with Facebook Lives. When you are done going live GO BACK and respond to everyone, even if you addressed their questions in the video.

Don't forget to listen to the last 5 minutes of our broadcast as we give some insights on how Facebook stories for profiles and pages are a power move on Facebook. 

Final Questions: What is one thing you are doing that is working to get you more Facebook engagement?

Let me know if you have any questions.

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