It is that time of year when more and more businesses are trying to reach their year-end goals and taking advantage of consumers need to buy for the holidays. This also means more companies are pushing out Facebook ads. Recently I did a Facebook Live regarding the common complaint I see advertisers make this time of year, why is ad spend so high, why is my organic reach all of a sudden dropping and how do I fix it.

You see there are a LOT of people vying for attention on Facebook, especially this time of year. There is only so much room on the timeline feed which means something is going to have to give. If you are a Facebook page, this might mean your organic reach will drop this time of year because Facebook will give preference to people’s friends and connections then to advertisers. If you are an advertiser your ads are going to be more expensive and your target audiences may come up as “too specific” and that is because a lot of people are competing to get in front of those same people.

Today on the Business as Unusual podcast, I am going to go ahead and play for you my previous Facebook live that touches on this topic to help you better understand what is going on.

So there you have it! My advice to you is if you don’t have to run ads right now, hold off until the new year when things should adjust back to more normal numbers.

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