Recently I was asked by one of my talented real estate clients for a couple of tips he could pass along to other agents in regards to social media. It took me about 10 seconds to share with him the following advice. Well okay, I can’t type that fast. But I can type pretty fast and here is the advice and tips I shared with him. I also shared these on my podcast which you can access at http://stellar247.media/re if you don’t want to read and would rather listen.

1. Go live on Facebook

Going live on Facebook is the single best thing you can do for your Facebook page. It cost you nothing. No one else is doing it, so it is easy to stand out. Facebook is giving it preferential treatment in the newsfeed, so it is more likely to get pushed out into the newsfeed than anything else. This will help grow the reach, engagement, and fan following on your page. If you have time for nothing, do this one thing. You only have to do this one thing once per week, and it will make an impact. Pick topics that are interesting, entertaining, fun or informational (but not dull). Talk about local events, interview local businesses, tour local hot spots, parks or recreational areas. Showcase your listings by giving a home tour. Revisit past clients and interview them. By the way, this will also give you a reason to stay in touch with past clients. Use it as a branding tool. If you listen to none of my other pieces of advice, at least do this one thing.

2. Invest in Facebook ads

Ads are inexpensive, and the targeting will blow your mind. Don’t just cop out by hitting the boost button (boosting is a type of ad by the way). There are better ads choices and better targeting options available to you in the ads manager. The two ads real estate agents should be looking at doing are video ads (you can get 1-2 cents per view) and lead ads. Video ads are inexpensive and fantastic for branding and recognition. Lead ads are killer for getting you exactly what every real estate agent wants, leads. If you are going to run a leads ad think of something you can give to people in return for their information. A free guide, checklist, etc.

I just had a phone call with a Facebook ad account rep (I know it is stunning that I even got a Facebook person on the phone right!?!?) and here are a couple of tips she gave me in respect to lead ads:

  • Have a privacy policy in place. This is a requirement.
  • The fewer questions on your form, the better
  • You have space for a blurb – keep it simple and entice your audience all the way through the process. Whats in it for them?
  • If you do a link redirect at the end of them filling out a form be sure to direct it to exactly where you want them to go. The path of least resistance is always best.

3. Stop pushing only your listings out

It’s boring. No one except your listing client cares. It is okay to put listings on your social media but that better not be the only thing you post. Try to bring value to people. Think about the lifestyle around your brand and how people utilize the results of your services or products they buy from you. Think outside of the box when presenting listings on social media. Try doing more with video. Again there is a HUGE opportunity with video. Very few people are utilizing it in the real estate industry, and it does work across nearly all social media platforms. There are a lot of great tools out there that make creating video easy! Animoto, Ripl, and Adobe Spark to name just a few. I prefer Animoto for my Real Estate clients, but you chose what works best for you.

4. Be an early adopter

Whether that is using Live video, doing Instagram stories or creating a fun personal or team brand that is different from the pack. I don’t know if you have noticed, but there are a crap ton of Realtors. It blows my mind that 99% of agents do the exact thing all the others are doing. Try to stand out. It is pretty easy to stand out in the Real Estate industry. There are lots of ways to do this. Sometimes it is the tools you use (live video, stories, native video, etc.) and sometimes it is in the delivery. Maybe go local interview businesses and do a weekly show. That would help you stand out and be recognized as the go-to guy/gal in town. Maybe do a weekly video about what is happening in your city and what events you like best and why. Whatever it is, I guarantee not a whole lot of other Realtors are doing it.

Which leads me to 5…

Stop worrying so much about what your competition is doing and start focusing on your own shit. Unless your competition is killing it on Instagram, you probably don’t want to copy them. Yes, it is good to keep tabs on your competition but seriously, if your goal is to be the best in a sea of REALTORS you need to do things that your competition is not doing. At least that is my advice when it comes to using social media.


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