Are you feeling a little lost when it comes to the direction of your social media marketing? Perhaps you are all over the place with little direction. 
It is really important that you put together a plan to move forward with social media marketing. A content strategy and an understanding of your ideal clients and where they are located (social network wise) will help give you better results. 

Let’s start with the basics. Go grab a piece of paper and a pen….It’s okay I will wait… .
1. write down who your ideal client is.
2. write down the top 3 social networks they are likely to be on. 
3. List 3 needs and or wants your client has that you can give to them with your products and services?
4. Now dig deeper write down more specific questions your ideal client may have from the needs and wants in question 3.

Example time:
1. I work with busy professionals who want to learn how to use social media but are strapped for time and resources.
2. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
3. More traffic, More leads, stronger online brand
4. How do I get more people to visit my website from my social media posts? What is the best ways to grow my email list? I know I need to be consistent but I can’t find the time, How do I save time and still post regularly?

Now you know what networks you need to focus on, what problems you need to solve and you even have some great topics for blogs, graphics, posts and videos! 

NEXT STEP: take one question from #4 and break it down into 4 or more content pieces:

Example: What is the best ways to grow my email list? 

VIDEO: do a Facebook live talking about 5 ways you can build an email list

BLOG – have your VA (or do it yourself) recap your live video as a list blog – Top 5 ways to grow an email list right now!

INSTAGRAM SERIES: Do a graphic for each of the 5 ways to build an email list and post one each day.

EMAIL Series: Have people sign up for a 5 days to growing your email list. Use images from Instagram series.

As you can see you can take a simple idea and create a ton of content. Now schedule it out and let the magic begin! 
Mix and repeat :)

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