I started a new project. It started back about a year and a half or more ago when I started dabbling in the world of chatbots. My first chatbot on Facebook was SUPER simple. It was just a Facebook post keyword trigger that sent a message immediately after activation. It was great and I had some early success with it. Well, skip to December 2017 when I FINALLY had time to start exploring Manychat. Manychat is a great tool for building chatbot sequences and flows and boy was I HOOKED.

I started to build more and more complicated chatbots. It was so much fun that I would build them in my free time. But as I tried to build more complicated flows that could do so much more, I had to also watch some REALLY boring and LOOOOOONG YouTube videos. After about the 20th YouTube video I had enough. Not only were they long and borning, it nearly always took the presenter twice as long to get to the point and I found my self fast forwarding a lot. Not to mention they put zero effort into editing out the unnecessary parts that brought nothing of value and sometimes further confused the viewers.

It was at this time I decided I had to do better. So that other people like me could learn about chatbots without going bored out of their minds. And that is the long and the short of why I started an 80’s themed chatbot series of trainings.

This was the first of my 80’s video’s that I released. In it, I teach you how to create a smarter chatbot using keyword triggers within the bot. This is not a beginner chatbot training, but if you are looking for more support building chatbots I encourage you to join me over on Facebook in my group Baby Got Bot.

And without further ado, I give you the first of my 80’s themed videos. I hope you enjoy and learn something new.

Oh and for those of you who prefer to read, here is the transcript from the video:

00:00 Hey there, everyone, Kelly Noble Mirabella here, and in today’s training I’m gonna teach you how to smart up your Chat Bot.

00:12 You see there’s a bit of a misconception about chat bots. A lot of people think that they are very smart, you know, like ai and stuff, but those two things are not connected. Artificial intelligence is a completely different thing that will we’re talking about when we talk about chatbots. Chatbots are only as smart as the person who builds them, but one of the ways that you can make your chat bot shine and come off as quite smarty pants to use key word triggers and that is exactly what we’re going to talk about today. How to set up your keyword triggers within many chat in order to open up and engage with users. How do we get started? So if you have people asking them specific questions a lot with the same keywords and you want to come up with a automation through your chat Bot to help take care of those issues, then this is for you.

01:04 So go ahead and go on down to automation from your many chat dashboard. From here you’re going to go to keywords and this is where all your key words are. And I have a couple of key words here that I’ve already set up. I’m one of the really important key words is for if people say stop or unsubscribe, then you know they’re gonna. Stop or unsubscribed. Okay? But that’s already automatic. These are automatics they’re built in. You can’t change us. Okay? So we’re going to create one for if someone asks for directions or they put the keyword in direction. So the new role and the keyword is directions. We’re going to create the key word and we’re going to create a new reply. So if someone types in the word directions, then message that I’m going to send back is, okay, I see you’re looking for directions. Do you want directions to my office or something else to the office? Something else. Okay. So let’s open our flow builders. We can really visualize this. So this is the first message they will get when they select, when they type in directions and if they say to the office, I’m going to send another message that says great, I actually do not have an office location, but you can find me or click below to schedule a call and then I would do like a little thing here and I say schedule a call and then I’m going to open to my scheduling site

02:36 and that is that super easy. Okay. Now if they said no, they didn’t want office direction, something else, then I could send another message that says, actually we’re going to delete this. We’re going to add a user input and say, Oh, oh sorry about that. What is it specifically that you need help with? And this is a user input. It is a pro feature. This is totally. But if you want to level up your Bot, pro features are the way to do it. And then what I’m gonna do from here is add an action and we’re just going to say tech. So they can ask a question, um, you could do multiple choice. Is it something about how to do something, Yada, Yada, you know, whatever. I’m just going to say open ended question. I’m going to perform an action. We’re going to say open the conversation and then I’m going to notify my admin and say first name so and so, so, and so a full name once directions about something check in and that will send me a messenger and an email when this has triggered here and then I’m going to publish it.

03:42 And that is that. So if I went to my website directions

03:52 and it says, I see you were looking for directions, do you want directions to my office or something else to the office and then it sends the rest of my message and there you go. So you can come up with all kinds of key words depending on what you want to do. And you know, try not to be too vague. I have, um, you know, uh, yes, one for something that just kept coming up with. Yes. But you might do something like if you’re a cafe and you have Wifi, you might have some keywords around that. If you’re a real estate agent and there’s questions that come up a lot, you can do that. So it’s basically if there are question calm combinations that come up a lot and these can be is. So if they, if the thing is directions of all they type this direction.

04:34 So obviously you’re going to have to think of like all the things that someone might type in order to get the same message and you can create a new rule for each one of those. You can also do contains. So it could be any, you know, they can be writing out a paragraph and say directions. You might not want it to be that for this particular one or begins with. So I’m going to just say is. But then I might create an additional rule that is for a location to location we’re located or whatever. So you know, I can keep coming up with all these and then create the key word and you can add actions. So actions or you know, subscribe to things, had tags, remove tags, triggers apps and all that good stuff, uh, create a new reply, select existing again, it’s the same process.

05:20 So that’s how you add keywords and this is just a way to level up your Bot to make it smarter because again, bots are not inherently smart, but if the builder is smart, the Bot will be smart. So get out there and build a really smart and wonderful bought. And there you have it. Now you know how to make your Chat Bot the chat Bot in town by including keyword triggers to keep those conversations moving along. If you want to learn more about chatbots and really fun and engaged community, go ahead and consider joining. Baby got bought over on facebook. That’s my facebook group. And watch my additional videos that I have on chat bot trainees because let’s face it, nobody has time for Boring Chat Bot tutorials. Again, my name is Kelly Noble Mirabella. I can’t wait to see what you create with your chat Bot to go ahead with my group and share what you’re creating. And also, if you have questions or you want me to cover something in one of my future tutorials, go ahead and message forward slash seller two, four, seven.