Many of you already know that I have a mission in life to bring chatbot know how to the masses through my fun and easy to follow Baby Got Bot videos. (Check them out for yourself at
Well, one of my amazing “students/friends” recently discovered the power of chatbots for her business and was kind enough to share her story. Beth is a badass momma who is making BIG waves in the Younique cosmetics business with her fun use of social media. Check out her website at

Here is Beth’s Bot Story:

I’m Beth Griffin, mom, fan and friend of the amazing Kelly Noble Mirabella

Beth Griffin: CEO & Purple Status Mother Hustler at Chrysalis Beauty Co.

and a high-level executive in the Network Marketing industry. I run 95% of my business on social media and have been SO excited to tap into some of the incredible potential chatbots are bringing to the table!

I was definitely intimidated by the idea and really didn’t dare attempt to mess with it much until this amazing group came along.
Last month, I did a very successful workshop series of live broadcasts on my personal profile. As I wrapped it up and started planning the next class, I realized that if I had AUTOMATED the “enrollment” (who was interested in that topic etc) and gained them as a subscriber, OH how smart that would have been!!
So, I went straight to Kelly’s YouTube and thanks to her having it really organized (#goals) I found a quick video on how to create a post on your FB biz page that, when a visitor comments, triggers the bot to reply AND (icing /sprinkles/cherry) gives you the ability to ORGANIZE your subscribers to see who SPECIFICALLY opted in through that flow (….sequence? Growth tool? Thingy?) so in the future when I have something that features that product or concept I can broadcast specifically to that group!! SAY WHAT?!?! I know. Amazing, right??
That “growth tool” specifically helped me grow and organize my subscribers AND directly translated to sales, which was incredible!!!! (Beth was able to make $415 in total sales in 2 days without spending any money all on a free ManyChat account!)
I am still kind of stumbling through it and have to go watch the videos as I go, I also know there is SO much potential here I have yet to touch, but I’m definitely going to be focusing more of an intentional effort on BOT MARKETING because it is an essential and efficient way for me to grow my business!!

As you can see even newbies to the chatbot world are making strides with some simple chatbot magic. You do not need a pro account and you do not need any upfront cost to start using chatbots for your business.

Have you started to use chatbots in your business? What results are you finding?
If not, what is holding you back?