*Steps on Soapbox*

This finding in the Social Media Examiner 2019 Social Media Marketing Report made me sad:

“Interest in Messenger bots declining: Messenger bots haven’t caught on with marketers. Only 14% of marketers are using bots (down from 15% in 2018). Only 32% of marketers plan on increasing their bot activities, down from 39% in 2018. Interest in learning more about Messenger bots dropped to 45% from 70% in 2018.”

I am sad because I feel like marketers were misled by the shiny new thing and were led to believe that Chatbots would replace email or that they could solve HUGE problems or be the FAQ resource to take on all FAQ resources. I am sad so many were led down the wrong path and don’t see the REAL AMAZING value of Messenger Marketing. But I am not seeing this as an end. Fact is Facebook is betting all the coin on Messenger. It is the foundation of everything they plan to do and have even gone as far as to say if they were to have done Facebook all over, they would have started it on Messenger.

Are chatbots dead? NOT EVEN CLOSE.
Have marketers been misinformed about them or used them incorrectly with bad results? YEP
Are their companies making good ROI on the use of Chatbots? YOU BET!

Did you hear how Philippe LeCoutre and a team of chatbot builders made their client $3M “The Messenger system we have created for our clients has contributed to generate over $3 Million in sales… in 1 hour.”

Or Molly Mahoney who helps her clients find MASSIVE results with the help of Chatbots and Facebook Live.

Or Carrie Jessica Gottschalk who uses her mad awesome Facebook ad skills in conjunction with Chatbots to light her clients lead funnels on fire!

You guys, Chatbots are not the problem. The problem is many have been misled to believe they should build chatbots because they can replace email, handle the heavy lifting of Customer service and that chatbots equal Ai (artificial intelligence). They have been told that chatbots can replace everything, with little regards to strategy, tech resources, and user experience.

But now we can start the journey with a clean slate. Now we can take the marketers who want to learn how to do all these things that other Chatbot builders are succeeding at and they can apply that to their business. Because at the end of the day Chatbots are not a silver bullet, and if they are not built with a clear strategy, a clear funnel and without the help of the right reach, they are just messages.

Hopefully, marketers will again come to Chatbots with enthusiasm, but until they do count me into the shrinking few that believes there is a LOT of marketing and ROI power in using Chatbots…IF YOU USE THEM RIGHT.

*Steps off soapbox*