The past couple of days have been packed full of hot debate over the updated terms of service (TOS) for Instagram. After partaking in my fair share of debate and conversation I was honored to be a part of this panel on social media specialist and enthusiast discussing the different points of the TOS for Instagram, the importance of educating the pubic about TOS for each network they use, as well as a great discussion on why it is important for companies to have an easy to understand TOS. Check out this discussion and let us know your thoughts. What did we miss? What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


Learn more about and connect with the folks in this video:

Chad Bowman  – Realtor in Fort. Collins CO


Chadney Barcus – Realtor & Social Media Specialist in Park City Utah


Howard Greenstein – Marketing Technologist, Small Biz owner, blogger, Social Media Club board member


 Stacey Leasca – Social Media Editor at “Earth, Explained” ……… Cofounder and Editor,


Kelly Mirabella – Social Media Geek & owner of Stellar Media Marketing