How to Grow Your Facebook Following on a Small Budget

I recently answered a question about growing a Facebook page from 12 to 200 by Christmas (4 month timeframe) with a $100 budget and a prize for a give away. I think this type of question about growing a fanbase is very common so I wanted to share with you what I suggested.  

Facebook ads. I would look at 2 types of ads:

1. Engagement post ads via ad manager. Go in and post some kind of awesome content (more on that in a minute) that would really draw people in. Something that brings a ton of value. Do a post ad for engagement. You don’t have to spend a lot. Go back via your page (not mobile) and anyone who “likes” the page and invite them to your page. Here is a video explaining what I am talking about

2. Branding Ads. These are fairly new ads but I have found they are great for growing a following.

Facebook Live

Facebook live is where it is at when it comes to getting more REACH and more ENGAGEMENT for your page. It is hands down my favorite Page tool right now. HOWEVER, with only 12 fans on your page I am afraid this may not be the best bet just yet… That being said it is a good strategy to start adopting early on and continue as you grow your page numbers.


This is probably the best bet right now for you. But this strategy will only work if have an email marketing list. What you do is set up a contest where you tell people to go enter on your Facebook page. You are inviting your email subscribers over. (I use a tool in Constant Contact that makes this easy but you can use something like Woobox). Keep in mind that you can’t ask people to like your page in order to enter BUT your page will grow if the offer is compelling. Before you run a contest here is a list of things you need to consider:


  • Include a disclaimer and contest rules. These can also be linked to a website that has more detailed rules if needed.
  • A complete release of Facebook by each entrant or participant.
  • Acknowledgement that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.
  • Host your contest on a 3rd party app or right on your Facebook business page.
  • You can ask participants to like a post on your page to enter
  • Ask participants to comment on a post on your page to enter
  • Ask participants to message the page to enter
  • Have people enter via a 3rd party app where you capture participants contact info.


  • Ask participants to like your page to enter
  • Ask participants to share with friends to enter
  • Ask participants to share on their friend’s Timeline to get additional entries
  • Ask participants to tag themselves or their friends in this post to enter
  • Host a contest on your personal profile.

In all honesty your best bet early on is Facebook ads. In fact with $100-$200 in ad money you can easily grow your page to 200 by Christmas if not sooner.

A note on “awesome” content: Awesome content is content that your ideal clients would find massively valuable. It is NOT promotional content. This type of content is different for each client (read industry) so it is hard to say what that would be. I am a social media consultant and trainer so for me it would be a video (live or otherwise) that I share tips for using a social media platform. I would then do the Facebook ad for the video. Or maybe it is to a blog post where I explain a hot topic like how to subscribe to a Facebook live broadcaster (something I did write about that was a very popular topic). I would post that then do an ad to boost (not on page boost but boost in the ad manager) that post.

So the real question is what kind of value can you bring? How can you help your audience? What can you do to make life better for them?