Blog sites: Where should you be blogging? Here are some of the places I post my blogs.

I personally prefer wordpress as I have my website self hosted on a wordpress site. I find it very easy to manage a wordpress blog and I love having the option to add plugins and making the experience even better.


Medium is a great option if all you want to do is blog. I have a medium blog at where I not only write more personal essays but I also syndicate some of my main Stellar Media Marketing blog post over there as well. I find that my audience is much higher over there and it is easier to have your content found. That being said there is a big difference between owning and renting. Self hosting sites like you own the content and the space but with sites like Medium you are basicly renting. If they decide to close their doors tomorrow you could lose everything.


If you do a lot of marketing on LinkedIn and have a large chunk of your audience over there, you may want to consider publishing to their blog network. This is a great place to get seen by your ideal clients and leverage yourself as an expert in your field. Also, publishing on LinkedIn with get your profile more views and interaction.

Tools: How do you make the process easier? Here are some of the tools I can’t live without when it comes to my blog.


Words cannot express how much I love Buffer. I use it for so many thing. It helps me efficiently run my social media business as well as help keep me organized. When I do a blog post, I can easily schedule out all my social media postings to help promote said blog post. It is super easy to setup and use. This is one of the tools I cannot imagine living without.  
I should also note that I am now exclusively using buffer for all my Instagram posting as well. I used to use Later (see below) but now that Buffer offers this as part of my business plan there is no reason for me to pay for later.


I mentioned in part 2 of this blog series that I use Canva to create all of my images for my blogs. I create a blog image, a Facebook posting image, a Pinterest posting image and an Instagram posting image. Because I have Canva at Work I can do this with a quick click of a button. All I have to do is design my main image then click the right button and abracadabra I have perfectly sized images for all my social networks. Canva at work is a premium product but you can still use the free Canva to create images. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Canva.


If you are an Instagram user Later is a great and inexpensive tool that allows you to schedule your Instagram posts ahead of time. No it will not auto post for you (that is against Instagram TOS) but it will send you a push notification and all you have to do is click a couple of buttons to post. I really like to pre-schedule out my Instagram posts so I can easily write up the descriptions, add emojis and include hashtags right from my desktop.

Plugins: Here are just some of the plugins I use that I find very important to my blogging strategy.

Yoast SEO:

This is a fantastic free plugin that allows you to optimize your content for search engines. It also has a feature that allows you to set up how your post will look when shared on Facebook. Get the plugin.


As mentioned earlier, my main goal is branding. I want my content seen by as many people as possible. So I use the medium plugin and my blog post on my wordpress site will automatically be posted on Medium as well. I actually get much more readership on Medium so this is a great place to be seen but still have many of the rewards of having a blog on my website. This plugin is free and very easy to use. You will need a Medium account to do this. Also keep in mind that if you are trying for SEO you may not want to post the same content in more than one place. Get the plugin.

SumoMe social share buttons:

You absolutely need to make it so people can share your content out. For this I use the free SumoMe social share buttons. I love the look of these share icons and the ability to customize where they show up and how they perform. Get the plugin.


Social Networks of choice: Everyone has their own social networks they like to post to. These are mine.


I post to my Facebook business page then I share to my Facebook group from there. I also do a Facebook live broadcast introducing my blog topic with a call to action to have viewers learn more by going to my blog.


I typically will schedule out several tweets for the same blog over the course of about 2 weeks. This is very easy to do with buffer.


Again I use buffer to schedule out posts about my blog to LinkedIn. Both my personal LinkedIn profile and by business page will get content.


I love that Snapchat is super easy and fast. I can jump on quickly and let people know a new blog post is up. I often will give tips around my blog topic and I LOVE using the fun filters to play off the topic. When it comes to Snapchat the key is to have fun with it! By the way feel free to follow me! My Snapchat username is Stellar247.


When posting to Instagram make sure you have a great image (don’t get lazy with your images on this site!) that really stands out. Have a compelling description where you tease the content of your blog and be sure to direct people to your url in your bio where they can have access to your blog. Don’t forget to change the bio link. I typically just keep mine at

Other tools of note:

This is a free service that allows you to find guest bloggers for your blog. You can also find opportunities for you to guest blog for others. Quality blogging opportunities but nothing is paid.  I have found some really great guest bloggers from in the past.

I am a big fan of re-purposing content as well as mixing up the mediums I use in my blog. I LOVE using Slideshare to embed slide decks into my blogs. I also will do slide decks based on my blogs and post them as part of my promotion strategy to SlideShare.

Based on the same strategy for Slideshare, I use SoundCloud to create sound recordings of my blogs. Actually one of my favorite strategies is to create soundclouds based on Facebook live videos I do that I then turn into blogs. It’s all about repurposing and reusing content in new ways. Also consider the fact that everyone likes to consume their content in different ways. Why not give them options.


What are your favorite resources when in comes to blogging?