Professional social networkingB2B and Social Media: Do we need new platforms to continue promote our professional selves?

The short answer: yes. The beauty of the social media boom today, is that we have the ability to create our identity – online, in an easily accessible way that is (most of the time) at our own discretion.


The pitfall? The amount of information on the main social media portals is so extensive, we can no longer find or be found. On Facebook, we are flooded with brand advertisement and feeds to hyperactive users who – most of the time – we care little about.


LinkedIn follows a similar pattern, from an opposing angle. Here, we are easily connected to our friends who have nothing directly to do with our professional life. We spend hours looking for the right group or recruiting agency amidst the flood of people we don’t wish to utilize when hunting for a new 9-5 job or viable employee.


Business-to-business interaction and visibility of your personal, professional profile, now requires something more specific than the platforms we have used for the last five-seven years.


While we trust the mega-platforms, many of us move towards specialized networks of people. We want to know not only who is in our industry, but those we can be exposed to and collaborate with in an unforeseen way. We are looking to be inspired by new people who are relevant to our livelihood, not bombarded by the latest update on your ex-neighbor’s dog’s newest haircut.


The great news for us as social media consumers is that there is a way to combine the powerful force of the social media with a system that works. Don’t fully break up from your beloved, mass-media accounts; but do take the time to invest in smaller, business platforms that promote sharing your personal, company, or industry ideas within a space where people care – and can find you.


About our guest blogger: Erin Nelson is the Communication & Marketing Manager for the Berlin-based startup, exploreB2B. The social platform, exploreB2B, allows individuals the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other professionals through reading and writing self-published articles.